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Bravery isn’t what you do. It’s what you endure.

The duke of the powerful House Hauteclare is the first to die. With my dagger in his back.

He didn’t see it coming. Didn’t anticipate the bastard daughter who was supposed to die with her mother—on his order. He should have left us with the rest of the Station’s starving, commoner rubbish.

Now there’s nothing left. Just icy-white rage and a need to make House Hauteclare pay. Every damn one of them.

Even if it means riding Heavenbreaker—one of the few enormous machines left over from the War—and jousting against the fiercest nobles in the system.

Each win means another one of my enemies dies. And here, in the cold terror of space, the machine and I move as one, intent on destroying each adversary—even if it’s someone I care about. Even if it’s someone I’m falling for.

Only I’m not alone. Not anymore.

Because there’s something in the machine with me. Something horrifying. Something…more.

And it won’t be stopped.

Audiobook review

5 stars


I don’t often read science fiction but it seems that when I do, I have a blast!

Heavenbreaker felt like a mix between Hunger Games, Iron Widow and Red Rising to me.

Hunger Games because it’s about a competition where steeds (think big machines piloted by humans like in Iron Widow) compete with each other to win the first place in the king’s tournament.

Red Rising because there is a social class battle. Our main character Selani is born at the bottom of the social ladder. She is the bastard of a high noble man. When her mother is assassinated on her father’s order, she loses it and becomes the definition of female rage. She wants revenge. The ruination of her father’s house. And to reach that goal, she will train mercilessly, becoming a rider. That reminded me of Darrow’s transformation.

Iron Widow because of the huge machines riders pilot. How the rider has to merge with their steed somehow to make it move and fight.

The story takes place in space after humans fought « the enemy » four hundred years ago and one station was sent on the confine of the universe, cut from the rest of humanity. Ruled by a king overseeing noble houses, the riders are like modern gladiators fighting through their machine. When you know that so far only nobles could ride, Selani’s participation in the tournament is a revolution. Determined to avenge her mother, she enters a contract with Dravic, her mentor, asking only to die at the end of her mission.

I was gripped by the story from the first sentences and listened to that audiobook in record time!

What you will find here is:

-a desperate, reckless and prickly heroine; -competition;

-enemies to maybe lovers one day;


-social class inequities;

 -a frightening future universe;

-epic fights to come on top;

 -betrayals, twists and turns.

I need the sequel now!

Thanks for reading.


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