Hi dear friends,

I’d like to mention someone special and gorgeous to you: Roda from Growing Shelf.

I discovered Roda thanks to Jay at This is my Truth now. He kept raving about that lady and one day I noticed a painting of his book. It was Roda’s. As I love art and beauty in general I went to her blog ans I’ve discovered…a wonder!


I usually follow mainly book blogs but Roda talks about her life on her farm, her animals, spring, nature… nothing bookish really only…I was floored by her pictures!

She is insanely talented and has one of the most gorgeous animals picture gallery I’ve ever seen. She takes incredible macro of bees, flowers, cats…


This is not Roda’s picture as I did not know if I was allowed to post them here but a photo by Thomas Jรถrn on Unsplash


So I was drawn in by her photography skills but I’ve become a fan thanks to her positive thinking. Every day she shares some kind and inspiring words with us. In a world filled with bad news and violence her blog is like a breath of fresh air!


Her blog turned one year and she is asking us toย  “Write a post about YOU! What brings you JOY? How have you GROWN over the past year? What risks have you taken to FOLLOW YOUR HEART? How have you learned to LOVE YOURSELF. How has GROWING SELF inspired YOU? “


Well Roda what brings me joy is beauty, art and nature.


OK this was my picture of a peony last summer….


That’s why I’m hooked on your blog.

I love watching my dog playing in the snow. Or having a guilty face when she did something bad. Or resting in the grass as she is doing in my featured picture.

I love watching the sun set or rise, the colors in the sky. I love watching my wood pecker green with a splash of vibrant red on the head. I love looking at gorgeous bookstagram accounts.

I love giving. I love helping others. I have more joy giving than receiving.


What risks did I take the past year?

Well launching my blog as I knew nothing about blogging. Opening up here as I was set on being anonymous but discovered the importance of connecting with other fantastic bloggers. And you can’t connect with people if you build a wall around you or keep them at arm’s lenght. That’s just impossible. Connecting, bonding means taking a risk. Being vulnerable. Trusting the other with your truth.


I’ve learned to dare. To try new things. Photoshop, podcast, interviews, bookstagrams…. so many things that I tried. I gave me the right to fail. What was important was trying. Doing my best. Learning.


And now I can honestly say that it’s been a boost for my self esteem as I realised that maybe I’m not the biggest. Maybe I don’t have thousands of followers. But the ones following me really interact! I have fantastic feedback from others. And dang am I proud of what I’ve accomplished!


So Roda this was my post. I hope you enjoyed and thank you again for giving us beauty every day!


Now if you don’t already know Roda here is your chance! Find her at : https://growingself.blog/2018/03/06/growing-self-lets-celebrate-1-year-with-gifts/

Happy discovery!


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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, not only about me, but about Growing Self! I love your attitude and your spunk! Keep being amazing you!!