Hi dear friends!

Time to have a chat with you about what happened in my life and on the blog this month linking back to The Sunday Post @caffeinatedreviewer!


In my private life today

Big news of the week: I am finally on holiday!!! For three weeks and it was really time!



I am already feeling the laziness as yesterday I did nothing for the blog and today I waited till 6:30 PM before typing this post!

But I have excuses … yesterday was spent with friends and BBQ.

Today was less engaging as I spent most of my day at IKEA buying new furnitures : a new bed and bed table etc. for my daughter. A new desk for my husband. And new bookshelves for me!

Truth be told it’s the bookshelf that motivated me to enter that hell!

I know many love spending time at IKEA but today was crazy with a huge crowd!

The shop was hot with no air. And people were walking so slowly in the aisle that I wanted to bump their rear with my caddy just to make them walk faster!


Impatient? Who? Me? Nooo…. just fed up with chores and so ready to ENJOY my spare time doing something else than shopping in a stuffy shop!

But now that’s behind my back and I can finally enjoy my evening!

Very important question for you: do you love going to IKEA? How do you stay calm when people are just ….walking so slowly in front of you? Smoke some weed???


On the blog (click on the graphic to read the post)

This week I have read and reviewed three books.

First one: The Last Namsara was nearly a DNF but I enjoyed how the heroine turned out and the author had us fooled about the truth!

War by Laura Thalassa was an ARC that I’ve waited a loooong time to read! Laura Thalassa honestly did wonders portraying these horsemen and their inhuman side.

My favorite was Better Than This by Beth Flynn. I love Beth as a human being (she really is a lovely person) and I love her books because she is an extraordinary “plotter”! This book was no exception! Added bonus for me: that’s one of very few stories portraying more mature heroes falling in love!

I also posted about my monthly TBR hoping that for once I can stick to it πŸ˜€

For our Top 5 Tuesday the alphabet challenge is still going strong. This week was about F, G, H, I, J!

No discussion post this week as I favored nominating bloggers for the Annual Blogger Award! Have a look and tell me if you agree with my choices πŸ˜€

On the blogosphere and publishing world (quizz yes)

First a quizz and I just know that Greg (and probably Laura given her tendency to read horror and the likes) will love: EpicReads is asking us if you wouldΒ  survive a contagion .

On the blogosphere, our hostess today Kimberly talks about how to tidy up and check your blog!



Just because I loved listening to these this week, my favorite song , both reinterpretations


Honestly that Jonathan Young sings incredible reinterpretations! His voice looks like Disturbed main singer. If you love rock and deep voices, just LISTEN!

And below something sweeter and softer even if the lyrics are powerful.



Pfew that’s all! Do tell me how your week was please! I should be able to catch up and reply every day this week YAY!

Thanks for reading!




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  1. Three weeks is AMAZING! Have the most wonderful time ever! And our closest Ikea is 2.5 hours away and over mountains, so we don’t ever go to it. But I did once in my early 20s and it was in the San Francisco Bay Area and it was overwhelming lol! It was huge, so many people and maybe that’s why I haven’t had an urge to go back lol!

  2. I really love the Skylar Grey version of Love the Way You Lie. I was fortunate to see her and Eminem when they did Eminem’s last world tour earlier this year, as he took Skylar with him. She’s just as amazing live as she is in this!!

  3. I’m still howling at the thought of someone smoking weed just to get through an IKEA trip. LOL Whatever it takes, I guess! Hee hee! I have a love/hate relationship with IKEA. On the one hand, I love wandering around (sometimes) when it’s not crowded. On the other, it’s always crowded. Ha! Plus, a lot of plywood and cardboard boxes are treated with formaldehyde and I always have a bad reaction to that. I get sluggish, lightheaded and fatigued. So my IKEA trips or short or I can’t go at all. *sigh* (I do love my IKEA bookcases, though!) Hope you’ve been enjoying your holiday so far, my friend!!

  4. I recently had to visit Ikea! (I did a post on it cuz I am super proud of it so I am going to include the link in case you didn’t see it :D) I ended up visiting Ikea twice in the same day. Once my goal was to get a couch and I enjoyed wandering through and looking at everything, but then all the cool stuff convinced me I needed to redo the whole room so I had to recruit my mom to help and we ended up back at Ikea. I enjoyed it the first time but was super overwhelmed the second time. (It was also pretty empty the first time but busier the second time so that played into it)

    Have a great vacation!


  5. Yay for holidays!! I have been enjoying mine as well. IKEA is one of those love/hate places, right?! Like I love browsing their stuff, but those crowds get to me, too. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your break and that you all of the books on your list. πŸ™‚

  6. Enjoy your holidays, Sophie, and have a great time at YALC too! Regale us with photos when you can, I so want to see what you get up too. Meanwhile, hope the weather is as good to you as it’s been for us here, in QC. It’s been fab!

  7. Yay for starting your holiday! I’m a very fast walker so i totally understand your impatience with IKEA slowpokes! If you want to be slow, make room for people who want to walk faster or seem to be on a specific mission. I feel that way on escalators, too. In Europe people are pretty good about having a “slow lane” and a “fast lane” on escalators and stairs that lead to the subway/tube/train, but here in the US people don’t have a grasp on the idea which is very annoying. I don’t like shopping for the most part and do much of it online so a trip to IKEA isn’t my cup of tea. Too many people as you said. They do have neat stuff there, though, so every once in a while I’ll venture out to the jungle that is IKEA, lol! πŸ™‚

    I hope I’m smart enough to survive a contagion, but who knows? It’s something I think about whenever I read end-of-the world type scenarios. I’ll have to check out that post.

    1. That’s true about our escalators, especially in England! People there are disciplined and it’s a dream! I hope you survived LOL

  8. Congrats for being on holiday! lol about bumping people along though- sorry, that made me laugh. πŸ™‚

    “smoke some weed” :):)

    Oh my gosh that quiz is all about the book I’m reading RIGHT NOW- Immunity (the sequel to Contagion). That’s awesome timing haha!

    Have a great week!!!!

  9. Our nearest IKEA is like a four hour drive away, and delivery costs for online ordering are extortionate. I feel the same way in the grocery store sometimes that you feel in Ikea!

    Have a great reading week, and enjoy your holiday!

  10. I hope you have a fantastic time on holiday! I love IKEA but I agree about the slow moving people. It’s almost impossible to get around them sometimes. Yay for new bookshelves though!

    1. Thank you Suzanne!!! And I used to like IKEA…I guess aging does not suit my shopping behavior LOL

  11. I don’t live in a town which has an Ikea currently but when I did I go during the week not the weekend. In fact, I try to do that for all shopping if I can. I often do grocery shopping while my daughter is at a med appt or something or in class. I love that you get 3 weeks off! I worked many years where we only get 2 weeks in US and with school holidays and such we had to take them as a day here and there to cover when my daughter was not in school. Have a lovely holiday with some great reads!

    1. Anen I honestly don’t know how I’d manage with only two weeks a year! You deserve a medal!

    1. That’s an added problem with IKEA indeed! They know how to make us drool on everything and we end up with may more than planned πŸ˜‰

  12. My daughter and I make an event out of going to IKEA. We go to the cafe, get some Swedish meatballs, roam the floor, then get something sweet for dessert. It’s a good time, and only 20 minutes from my house. I hope you have a magnificent 3 weeks, and that you are not spending the whole time putting together IKEA furniture. XD

    1. Oh yes! There also is that dreaded “put the furnitures together” followed by “why does some essential part seem missing?”. By the end of the day we’ll get drunk Sam LOL

    1. Well Laura I succumbed too! Too selfless and saving others at the cost of my life. We’ll be buried together LOL

  13. HOLIDAY…WOOHOOOO! I have this week at work then we are going away next week, I cant wait!!!

    Oh and I never go to IKEA, it’s like satan’s armpit at the best of times!!!