Siobhan is a quick-tempered life coach with way too much on her plate. Miranda is a tree surgeon used to being treated as just one of the guys on the job. Jane is a soft-spoken volunteer for the local charity shop with zero sense of self-worth.

These three women are strangers who have only one thing in common: They’ve all been stood up on the same day, the very worst day to be stood up–Valentine’s Day. And, unbeknownst to them, they’ve all been stood up by the same man.

Once they’ve each forgiven him for standing them up, they let him back into their lives and are in serious danger of falling in love with a man who seems to have not just one or two but three women on the go….

Is there more to him than meets the eye? And will they each untangle the truth before they all get their hearts broken?

Three women who seemingly have nothing in common find that they’re involved with the same man in this smart new rom-com by Beth O’Leary, bestselling author of The Flatshare.

Audiobook review

I don’t know how to rate that book.

Have you ever read a book out of order? Beginning with the beginning then after some time, having a peek at the last page because you are fearing the worst and that it won’t be your cup of tea?

Then stopping to go read some friends review because you HAVE to know if what you are fearing is true or not and if it’s worth reading?

After being somewhat reassured, your resume your read but after some time, cheat again and read the last chapter of every POV?

Then , because you ARE reassured and think that, in fact, THIS IS GENIUS, you go back where you left and finally read the rest of the book in order?

No? Only me??

Because that’s absolutely what happened to me with The No Show!

So, if I had to rate it based on the beginning, that would be a personal 2 stars.

Personal being key because I don’t like books where there is cheating and Joseph Carter dating all these three women made me definitely think that he was cheating!

That or I was reading all his love stories one after the other. And I don’t care for that kind of story because, as a romance reader, I want ONE love story that is working, even if there is some drama involved.


If I had to rate it based on the plotline, on the concept, on what is REALLY happening in the book and based on the characters and how they are incredibly well fleshed out? Then I’d give it a five stars. At least!

See my predicament?

What I can tell you about the book without being spoilery is:

Beth O’Leary was a genius and built her story in a very smart way, alternating POV but she also took risks! Risks to lose her readers if, like me, they had some idea about what was happening and are not keen on these story arcs.

-All characters are just fantastically built and very easy to relate to! They ooze charm each in their own way.

Each has flaws and that’s what makes a good character. Because as we are all flawed, it makes easy for readers to relate to them.

You have:

Siobhan and as the synopsis says “a quick tempered life coach”. She was the most vibrant, feisty and extreme of these women. She had been hurt by life and turned that experience into a life lesson, becoming a life coach.
Her first opening scene when she is stood up has us seeing her quarrelling with someone. Siobhan talked a big game but she probably was also the most fragile of the three women. She was a study in contrasts really, projecting confidence and poise, giving life advice to others but spiraling down when something reminding her of her trauma happened.

Miranda. I would have loved Miranda’s job! A tree surgeon! She is laid back, beautiful and one of the guys. Reading about her job, her interaction with the guys and her relationship with her sibling truly made me see her. But she also was one that I had difficulties finding her true depth. She looked so confident that I didn’t find the cracks and could not dig deep.

Jane. Haaa Jane. So unassuming. Like a grey mouse. Soft spoken and shy. Working at a charity shop. You guess that something happened in her past in London. Something that hurt her so deeply that now she needs a precise routine to go on with life. Wearing seven outfits for the seven days of the week, looking at pastries but choosing something healthy instead. Jane was my favorite. Maybe because I felt very protective of her? But when  the mystery about her past was revealed I was shocked to learn who she had been and how drastically she had changed!

Beth O’Leary took me by surprised here! And I loved the twist!


I was ready to despise Joseph. Because he stood up all these women but also because I saw him as a serial dater and a cheat. Yet, even with these thoughts, Beth O’Leary just made it impossible for me to hate him. Even in the beginning of the story, when I was so hesitant to go on and read further. And that’s a feat because I hate cheaters or womanizers!

And when the cat was out of the bag, I just…wanted to cry and hug him.
I don’t know. He was charming, vulnerable, lost and…well yes, I too got a crush on him.

To conclude, I’d say that Beth O’Leary really shocked me. She was devilishly smart in her plotting and incredibly brilliant in fleshing out her characters. Go in blind but if you need reassurance like I did, read some spoilers or just…read out of other to settle your mind.

PS: Congratulations to the narrators as they all did a stellar job impersonating each of these unique women.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve been in doubt about starting this book for pretty similar reasons as you mentioned – I love Beth O’Leary but the prospect of the cheating didn’t sit well with me. But you convinced me to give it a try – I’ll try to go in blind so I can be surprised by the twist 🙂

  2. I have read books that were super hard to rate. Like I just finished one that was going to be 5 stars but I hated the ending, so now I don’t know what to do!

  3. Haha! I completely understand this reading experience. I didn’t read ahead to see how it would end but O’Leary definitely threw me for a loop because the story didn’t go the way I expected it to at all. I loved how she surprised me though. Never saw that huge twist coming, lol.

  4. I JUST finished writing my review for this book, and it was hard to review, but I loved it. The twist was shocking and brilliant and changed the entire way I viewed the story. She sure brought the feels after that too, and the ending – so good! I did not read ahead or see any spoiler reviews, and I am glad I didn’t.

  5. I often don’t know how to rate books so it definitely doesn’t happen to only you. The fact that you congratulate the narrators makes me want to listen to the audiobook also!