If you could pick any fictional world to have Halloween happen, which world would you choose?


Happy Monday dear friends!

I hope the weekend was good and that you are ready to trick or treat in a few days! This is my sixth day of Blogoween and the first prompt by Clo @bookdragon

On the blog today : Halloween In A Fictional World
Explanation: pick any fictional world that you’d love to experience halloween in

Well if I have to choose one fictional world to make Halloween happen my choice is easy! And let’s face it, today I really want to get to the heart of the matter because I want to go back to said universe!!! Still 450 pages to read mind you πŸ˜€Β 

This choice is an evidence!

First because I am living in this universe for three days now (I know I know I should read faster but life keeps happening as in chores, kids, blog and work!);


Second because it already has many creatures Halloween themed!

You have shifters (Lysandra), Fae (Rowan, Rowan, Rowan, Rowaaaaaaan…sorry I got carried away ), Witches (Manon!), Wyverns (Abraxos!!!!!), Ruks, Vampire like creatures eating your soul, your joy, your hope (Valg princes), and many monstrous creatures like huge spiders servants of the Valg queen!


You also have a quest but instead of treats to earn you have to find Wyrdkeys as they can blast the cruel Valg kings away! To find them of course every trick is allowed!


This Halloween’s champion is a Fireheart or Fire breathing queen. She may be tortured beyond imagination she is like the phoenix and will live again!

My universe of choice to make Halloween feel real would be Erilea. Because I am a huge fan of Throne of Glass series!!!!

I am only in the middle of Kingdom of Ash and I want to read it all the time!!!!

Longer post tomorrow as I will hopefully be far in the book .

Now what would be your favorite universe to have Halloween happen?

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Oh, man! It’s so frustrating when all I want to be doing is reading but I can’t. I feel your pain. I would want Halloween in post-Shift Atlanta from the Kate Daniels series. Mostly I just want a reason to land on the former Beast Lord’s front steps. πŸ™‚

    Fun post!

  2. So pretty, your art… But I never read ToG and so I can’t comment about the world. But for me, i’d love to be in Luna, the country on the moon where Lunar live and can glamour. i think it’d be amazing to see people who can just glamour any look. No need for costumes. hehe

  3. Okay, we get it, you love the books! πŸ˜‰ There are some books that where the world building and characters have made me wish I could live in that place and time and then I remember, it’s only fantasy and while that’s okay in my head, in reality? Not so much. Ha! Ha!

    1. Ha Alexandra I get your point! It’s like having fantasy about a domineering male but in real life if my hubs would get bossy I would not like it LOL How come it works better in our head than in reality?