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Topic of the day: Shapeshifter Idol (Shifter character whose abilities and life you’d love to lead)


OK Dani I had to look back and back and back because it’s been months since I’ve read a story about shifters!



And what did I discover?

That all my reads are about imposing beasts like wolves (werewolves), dragons, lions sometimes or …

All imposing and powerful beasts (well I still have to read about an oliphant or …)! I’ve never read a story about a turtle shifter or ant or …

Why is that??????

Because most of the time these stories feature SEXY shifters.

Who would be attracted by turtle man right? Yes yes I’m aware of Ninja Trutles but …

And if I have to find an idol I can understand the reasoning between smart, powerful, sexy, etc.

So I perused all the books that I had read and found my favorite (sexy of course) shifter: Lucas from Shadowfalls!

He is tall, dark hair, blue eyes and very protective of Kylie. He’s been pinning for her since they were neighbors.

His father wanted him to mary among shifters but …detail, detail.

He’ll still get his woman!

That being said Shadowfall is my favorite PNR series! You have vampires, witches, fae, shifters….tons of humor and plot twists.

If you haven’t already read it just do it!

Now I am curious who is your favorite shifter?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love Shape Shifters books but I’m pretty much over with the werewolves ones. I loved C.C. Hunter’s Shadow Falls series! I haven’t read the spin-off’s yet but I hope I get to them someday!

    1. Well that’s why I haven’t read one in some time now Raven. I will go back to them, just having a break 😉

  2. So completely coincidentally, I was garage sailing last weekend and picked up a copy of Born at Midnight and Awake at Dawn (its the 2 books in 1 version) for $0.25!!! I was excited to read it before but I am even more excited now!!

    1. Oh Brittany I hope that you’ll love them! You have to tell me what you’ll think of them really 🙂

  3. Awww Sophie, I laughed so hard at the turtle man and the ninja turtles, hahaha. You are too right though… all the shifters are burly manly men, lol. Actually a female shifter is really rare! I didn’t know this series either and am totally looking it up ❤️ And I’m going to work really hard on my prompts next month so they aren’t so hard! I’m going to get really creative! Give you ladies a break who have been joining is, so thanks Sophie.

    1. I am happy I made you laugh Dani! And you know when it’s challenging that’s when we rise! 😉

  4. Like Anna, nver heard of it and I’m behind my days of shapeshifter books, was just lucky to have Ze’ev in the Lunar Chronicles or I would have boycotted another week lol. I found your writing voice here delightful and I laughed about the turtle man. Till the next one, Sophie!

  5. I’ve never heard of this series… Another add to my TBR list! It was so hard to think of a character this week! Ninja Turtles… <3

    1. Hahaha Anna I know but you did brilliantly! That’s the beauty of challenge we come up with something unexpected 😉