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Today’s topic is easy peasy: my favorite biker (literally someone who rides a bike)!

My absolute biker fantasy is Grizz from the Nine Minute Trilogy by Beth Flynn


I alread posted aplenty about him some months ago and as I don’t want to have you bored out of your mind *someone told me I had to keep you happy and interested if I wanted you to visit my merry blog again* I will post about my second favorite biker!

Trust me he is no consolation prize!

And he is Grizz future son in law.

Today I want you to meet the:

-Uber protective;

-Extremely Alpha;

-Shrewd and Cunning;

-Takes what he wants (and he wants his woman Mimi);

-Ready to go to prison to protect his loved one;

-Panty melting handsome (read with a spare set of panties or boxer briefs for the gentlemen);

-Black hair, brown skin, glacier blue eyes;

Christian Bear from Tethered Souls by Beth Flynn!!!!

Christian Bear is your dream came true if you love bad boy who don’t have a dark heart but “just” love crossing lines. Christian is hotheaded. That could be his middle name. Christian Hotheaded Bear. How does it sound?

Well he is not only hotheaded and determined he is also hot as in sexy as sin. He’s left a trail of broken heart but he could not care less.

Since he’s been a kid the one owning his heart is Mimi (Grizz daughter for the newbies).

Push pause now.

Some of the sweetest and swooniest (I know the word did not exist I just invented it because it’s fitting and because I can) scenes were the countless weddings. Imagine two kids from age five and six playing at getting married time and time again. With a ring from the slot machine and Christian’s shirt as veil. You are sighing and have starry eyes! Yes, I’ve seen it!!!!! Don’t pretend otherwise you’re not fooling me.

But Mimi had to disappear for years to protect her family. And Christian went to prison to protect Mimi (let’s just say that if you hurt his woman he will make you pay with your life, consequences be damned!).

Once Christian was released from prison he enrolls the help of a geeky friend to track Mimi. No more missed opportunity! He will kidnap her. He wants HIS woman and he is determined to have her.


If I had to “dreamcast” Christian he would probably look like Booboo Stewart here below 😉 

Now what do you think of my biker??? Do you have another biker that I should know about?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. SOPHIE! You totally sold me with Boo Boo Stewart as your fancast!!! GAHHHHHH! I’m not sure if he’s Asian or Hispanic or what but I feel like I now need to fancast him in something myself!! Sophie being a blogger is like a perfect job for you because you always sell me on anyone you feature…. I admit that Christian and Mimi sound like they need to find each other!! ❤️

  2. Ohh! I might need to read this now.
    Also good choice for the dream cast .. he’s not bad looking ahahah

    I actually had no idea for this prompt up until I cliked on this xD Wouldn’t Alex from perfect chemistery work ?! He has a moto, right? … I think I remember that

  3. oh man I needed a minute to recover from the gif that final scene of Son of Anarchy totally broke my heart. So this Christian… I like how he sounds! I’ll order a dozen next time I’ll shop at VS online 🙂

  4. I love Grizz and Christian! MC novels are my favorite! Another favorite biker is Cam from Wrapped Around Him by Debra Kayn. He is the president of Moroad MC and when he wants his woman, he gets her! The first three books in the Moroad MC series are about Cam and Christina! Thank you for recommending amazing books!