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April 26th – Female Warrior (RAWR, she’s powerful!)


First time I’m participating and I love today’s topic! The most important aspect in a book to make me love the story are the characters. I am a very “character driven” reader. The plot can be common or filled with used tropes is the characters feel real and suck me in their world it will be 4 stars minimum!


Badass women are my favourite brand of female characters!

I love Emma Carstairs in The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare, Roselle St Sismode in Secondborn series by Amy Bartol, I love Feyre in ACOTAR series, I love Aelin in TOG series both by Sarah J Maas and even Jude in The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.

But today, the epitome of warrior girl is Lada in The Conqueror’s Saga by Kiersten White!

Here is already what I wrote about her in the first book of the series “And I Darken”:

I love Lada above everything and anything else!!!!
I know some of my friends swoon over Mehmet and Radu’s abs and chests and… but I swoon over Lada’s spunk and utter determination to achieve her dream. And I’m as straight as they come.
Lada has now joined my personal pantheon of kickass heroines, I named: Celaena Sardothien/Aelin Galathynius; Emma Carstairs; Feyre, Sam from Deep In Your Veins,…

I absolutely adored this unconventional backward retelling of what I guess will be Vlad The Impaler story or Dracula if you prefer. Vlad is not a boy she is a girl. And what a girl!

Let me explain.

Back to the story: Lada is ugly with sharp teeth. She is the daughter of Vlad Dracul, military governor of Transylvania and a coward. She’s been traded and bartered with her little brother Radu securing the Ottoman Sultan’s protection. They are now prisoners in Edirne among infidels she hates with all her soul. She is like a wildcat, feral. She swears to go back to Wallachia one day and be a real Dracul unlike her father. ”A dragon did not crawl on its belly in front of his enemies, begging for their help. A dragon did not vow to rid the world of infidels, and then invite them into its home. (…)A dragon burned everything around herself until it was purified in ash.”

She was born a girl hence worthless in this world and century. Her only value was securing alliances through marriage. But she did not want to marry. She wanted to fight like a man. She dreamed of owning Wallachia her homeland. She had a goal and was determined to reach it. She was a girl in a men’s world? So what? She would force them to acknowledge her worth.
I wanted to shout “Girl Power!”.

She has an inner fire and fought tradition to build her own destiny. She was faster, better than most boys. She was contrary and vicious. ”But in Lada she saw a spark, a passionate, fierce glimmer that refused to hide of be dimmed.”


In the second book: Now I Rise I went on with:

ada is resilient beyond anything and strongly determined to conquer HER land. She is still the Dracul, a dragon. She is not a lady. She is not a princess. She’ll never be someone’s wife and live in his shadow. She is Lada and she is enough.

“She showed all her small teeth in a vicious smile. “I will make you proud. No one will be more brutal than me. No one will be more ruthless. And I will never stop fighting.”

I really, really admired her determination and strength. She knows what she wants and who she is.“.

Do you see now why I chose her as my female warrior of the day?

Now do tell me who is your favorite female warrior ?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. This is a great meme! I’ve never read this author (I usually don’t read this trope) but I can definitely see how strong she is with what you wrote Sophie!

  2. i really enjoyeed reading this post!
    i think recently it would have to be Jude from The Cruel Prince because she uses her brains and surroundeings to her advantages as well as training v hard

  3. Awww I’m so glad that I saw you joined in this week Sophie!! I LOVE Lada so, so much! I love that she is vicious and she fought her feelings to pursue her own goals. She is such a fighter and so, so fierce! There are almost a limitless number of characters to pick but I agree that Lada springs to mind so fast…

    BTW If you link up on my post then others can come see who you picked 😉

    1. I will think of linking up next week Dani!!!! I see you were kind enough to add me this time but I won’t bother you each week 😉

  4. I HAVE LOTS! But my ultimate fav is Adelina Amouteru from the Young Elite series, she’s full of hatred which make her a very strong female character but she’s always afraid which make her an even more relatable and strong character! I have’t read this series yet, do you recommend this?