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Today’s topic is “Creature you’d want to adopt”.

Well I have a big heart and I am an animal lover *in the platonic sense you perv!* so I can’t choose only one “creature” to adopt.

My secret dream once retired would be to open a kennel rescuing abused animals because they deserved to be loved and cherished!

I can’t walk by a dog or a cat without wanting to pet and kiss him. Usually they stop walking and wait for me to give them a good scratch on the chin or behind the ears as the love is mutual.

I must reek of animal pheromones and have a crazy appeal * I did not say sex appeal* to animals.

So why choose one when I can have as many as I want because this is my blog and my post even if it’s Dani’s topic. She is not the boss of me. You heard that Dani? Joking my blog would be duller without your weekly topics you know.

Now let’s dive into my menagerie!

First of course would be Atticus!

I raved about him already and I know his heart is already taken by Sawyer Bennett but if he ever gets fed up with swallowing Swayer’s socks he can come taste mines!

Why Atticus? Because he is crazy and can spell shenanigans with closed eyes duh!

Second we aim bigger and wilder: Abraxos!

He’s already got his post in I Heart Character but this badass dragon really deserves a second shoutout.

He is fierce, loyal, protective and better than the plane to fly as he does not go on strike. No waiting hours in line at the immigration, no maximum weight for your suitcase *well I guess he does have his limits*, no A/C drying my sinuses etc.

Granted there is no lavatory but he can land when need be.

Third Hedwige from Harry Potter

She is better than the postman is environmental friendly and can even add some manure to my garden.She has big big eyes to spot any rat daring entering your house and then …strike!


Fourth all the abused and maimed dogs at Wyatt’s kennel in Waiting for Wyatt by SD Hendrickson because ...

Just reading about the dogs past cracked my heart and I can’t count the time I cried reading about their stories. I was also so angry because I know in real life, animals are beaten, abused, tortured and I wanted to hurt all these abusers. If I could have jumped into my Kindle and chased the bad guys, I would have. I loved all these poor animals: Lola the Pitbull without teeth, Ricky the Jack Russel on three legs, Charlie with his rabbits ears, Cie left with a sole eye, Daisy and Gatsby so old and sticking together, Gus the “healer”,…  I wanted to adopt all of them!


Last but not least a werewolf has to count as a “creature” right? Because I sooooo would adopt Lucas in Shadow Falls by CC Hunter.

He can turn in a big bad wolf to intimidate all enemies * gone the salesmen trying to sell Hoovers ringing my bell on a Sunday* and as he runs hotter than human he would warm my bed on the cold cold winter nights! With dark hair, blue eyes and bulging muscles he would be the perfect eye candy to attend office events with me *I already see the PA of the fifth floor tripping on her long gown and drowning her pervy boss with a cheap glass of bad Pinot Noir*. Ha! Take that!

OK stopping here as I won’t have enough room for them all at home!


Which creature would you like to adopt by the way?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. So much cuteness!
    My BF is always terrified that i will keep adopting kitties and we’ll be drowning in cats in no time. I’d love that. 😀

  2. Awwww I agree all the animal abuse just makes my heart melt!! It hard for me to understand how people can be so cruel to an animal! Humans I can understand but not animals… I LOVE Hedwig and Atticus! And I’m reading Throne of Glass to get to Abraxos… BUT my favorite in your menagerie has to be… LUCAS! lol I love that some of you picked humans instead of creatures!! I concur he has to count! ❤️