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Today prepare the cold shower, open your shirt, put your head in the fridge …anything to cool down because it’s hottie alert on the blog!

The topic of the day is: Super”natural” Hottie (Literally a character who is drop dead gorgeous and from a supernatural race or less literally a sexually diverse character who is a hottie…)


I don’t know why but have you noticed that all supernatural males are always gorgeous? Well The Beast aside but he’s been cursed.

Too bad these only exist in books and movies really!

This means that choosing is HARD!


I’ve already spoken about many hotties on this blog and I’d like to introduce other handsome males!

A “short” list of my favorite hotties I’ve already raved about:

Rhysand (of course!) (ACOTAR)

Raffe (Angelfall)

Patch (Hush Hush)

Demetri (Vampire Academy)

Jace (The Mortal Instruments)

Lucas (Shadowfall)



Today ladies and gentlemen I’d like to introduce you to TWO insanely gorgeous and confident supernatural males. Yes two. I have to compensate for last week as I was in London and could not post.


1)The first one is tall, has dark dark eyes, has “the most perfect set of even, white teeth, gleaming like well-tended weaponry”. He has dark hair and is old European royalty.

His name is Lucius Vladescu and he is a vampire.

I read “Jessica’s Guid to Dating on the Dark Side” by Beth Fantaskey many years ago and loved this book!

Charming, fun, romantic and enthralling it’s a definite recommendation.

Lucius has been raised “old fashioned” and is charged to claim his bride in the US. Said bride is Jessica raised as a true modern American teenager and has no clue she is vampire royalty! Imagine her shock and doubt when Lucius telles her he is a vampire, she is a vampire and they are to get married!

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book (yes yes I so love it I want you to READ THE DAMN BOOK!)

“Lucius paused, turning on his heel to face me. “I grow weary of your ignorance.” He moved closer to me, leaning down and peering into my eyes. “Because your parents refuse to inform you, I will deliver the news myself,and I shall make this simple for you.” He pointed to his chest and announced, as though talking to a child, “I am a vampire.” He pointed to my chest. “You are a vampire. And we are to be married, the moment you come of age. This has been decreed since our births.”

I couldn’t even process the “getting married” part, or the thing about “decreed.” He’d lost me at “vampire.”

Nuts. Lucius Vladescu is completely nuts. And I’m alone with him, in an empty barn.

So I did what any sane person would do. I jammed the pitchfork in the general direction of his foot and ran like hell for the house, ignoring his yowl of pain. ”

Another one to show you Lucius feels and acts like royalty among the dumb teenage boys….

“Where do you. come from?” Frank challenged, puffing his chest, a little bolder now that he could breathe. “Some of us are starting to wonder.”
“I come from civilization,” Lucius retorted. “You wouldn’t be familiar with the territory. Now pick up the books.”
And one to redeem him to every woman’s eyes:
“American women. Why do you all want to be nearly invisible? Why not have a physical presence in the world? Women should have curves, not angles. …One should never confuse fashionable with beautiful. …Eat. Be happy to have curves. A presence.”
I told you he is a real smooth talker and charmer LOL
If I had to select a dreamcast I would choose Ben Barnes
2)Now as I feel generous today my second hottie is Pestilence from Pestilence by Laura Thalassa, one of the four Horsemen!
Is it enough supernatural character wise?
Pestilence is spreading plague on earth and is dead set to eradicate humanity. Sexy …not.
But he has a hot muscled bod, long blond hair, blue blue eyes and the face of an angel.
He “is sheathed in golden armor and mounted on a white steed. At his back is a bow and quiver. His blond air is pressed down by a crown of gold, and his face-his face is angelic, proud. He is almost too much to look at. Too breathtaking, too noble.”
I loved how he talked in the book so formal and old fashioned. He has lived for thousand and thousand years, is wise beyond everything yet innocent in some human ways.
He was a formidable character.
“I am Pestilence the Conqueror, the first of the Four Horsemen come to claim your world. I am eternal, and my task, unwavering.
His banter with sassy Sara was worth gold:
“Human, you’ve piqued my interest—a rare accomplishment. Don’t squander it.” “Squander it?” This guy. “You mean by refusing to talk to you?” That’s real cute. “I’ll tell you a rare accomplishment—pissing me off.” He guffaws. “You mean this hellcat nature of yours is atypical?” Bringing out all my stabby tendencies.”
And by the end of the book he changed his mind on humanity as some were worth saving *aaaaah the power of love!*:
“I came to conquer this land and its people, but instead, one of its people conquered me.”
If you have to imagine Pestilence the “guy on the cover” should be enough to give you the vapors!

Now do tell me who is your favorite supernatural hottie?


Thanks for reading!


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  1. Damn, you stole half of my list! 😉
    Dimitri Belikov [Vampire Academy]
    Damon Salvatore [Vampire Diaries]
    Daemon[Lux series]
    Darkling [Grisha Trilogy]
    Laurent [Captive Prince]
    Warner [Shatter Me]
    I loved Jessica Guide To Dating Dark side but I haven’t read the second book. Have you read it? If so, Is it better than the first book?

    1. I have read the second book and it was good! More intrigue and danger for Lucius. Jessica had to learn the ropes too. And yes Damon and Daemon plus WARNER!!!!!!

  2. Pestilence actually intrigues me for the meaning of the name, complexity of the character and the use of ancient vocabulary. It definately makes me want to pick up the book. Nice choices!

  3. Ohh how I missed your I heart characters post i love them !! So entertaining ahahah, and you SO give me the need to read the jessica’s guide to dating on the dark side — wasn’t with vampire, but a plot similar to my beloved Heavenward?? SIGN ME IN!!

    Arhh too bad I missed this one (i didnt checked at all) .. i wouldve had the perfect ones !!

  4. SOPHIE!!! Welcome back, I hope you had fun in London… it is my favorite city on planet earth! I do not exaggerate! ❤️ I LOVE your characters… I remember reading about Pestilence before and being won over by your love and enthusiasm but I think I forgot to put it on goodreads… so today I went and added both of these books! I LOVE supernatural characters and urban fantasy and you SOLD me with your quotes! Now they are in my queue and will be there when I make my reading list for 2019! I think this is a prompt you could do every week Sophie and supply us with all the hot guys to read about! 😀

    1. Hahaha I would title it “Hottie of the week” LOL Maybe organize a contest by the end of the year and draw a winner to send some book 😉