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OK today’s topic is, I quote Dani, Wicked Witch (Literally a witch, or one who simply acts like one… a fantasy villain or a contemporary bully… if she’s b*tchy then she’s part of the group!).


There are maybe thousands of wicked witches or favorite villains in books.

It can be that evil Queen Bee torturing the poor pudgy but smart and kind girl (if you want bullies just read Tijan’s books as you usually have evil female characters ruling high school).

It can be your boss from Hell thinks Miranda Priestley in The Devil Wears Prada (probably one of my most watched movies)

It can also be an horrible teacher like Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter

Or an evil auntie, a neighbor from hell or ….


But today based on my recent reads I’d like to remind you or introduce you to a really, really, really evil witch!

Some clues?

-She is manipulating and torturing minds;

-She killed her husband while manipulating her son in law’s mind, forcing him to take his father’s life;

-She destroyed and reshaped her own son’s mind in the hope of making him king one day even if he was secondborn;

-She conspired to kill her husband’s former wife;

-She delights in torturing countless of people.

You’ve guessed?

I speak of Queen Elara from Red Queen’s series!

She was feared by all and even dead still spoke in Maven’s mind, keeping him prisoner forever!

I borrowed this fanart from Victoria Aveyard’s account in @OfficialRdQueen on Twitter!

How perfect would Charlize Theron be impersonating Queen Elara in the event of a hypothetical movie?

I nearly forgot! Here is one of my favorite groups singing about the Wicked Witch of the West! Enjoy 😉 

That’s all for today as I still have tons of things to do and write but who would be your wicked witch?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Great choice!! I didn’t even think of her but she is perfect! She is such a horrible person. I also like how you talked about Miranda Priestley! I couldn’t even begin to imagine having a boss like her.

  2. GOSH Sophie!! Talk about a perfect witch! I actually know this character and it is one of the best things about Red Queen!! She is truly evil and such a manipulator! I love her special ability… I think that makes her almost have to be a villain. THUMBS UP! <3 I also adore the way you bulleted this post… I need to try that for one of my posts. 😉