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Today’s topic: Pet Sidekick (Real animal or a paranormal one who loves on their MC)

OK I won’t lie to you: I prepare the posts the day before at best…yes I know I must work on my organization but that’s me with the blog most of the time.

So when I discovered this topic yesterday I was really lost.

Who would I choose as a good sidekick?

I’ve read about rats in Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann or dogs in Waiting for Wyatt but…

Then, lightbulb!



Yes I knew of one “pet” that I really found fantastic.

Let’s see if you guess his name:

He is big but not the biggest of his specie;

He is dark and has scales;

He has a piercing shriek and can fly;

One of his wings was hurt;

He flies with blood thirsty witches;

He saved his mistress from a certain death in the last published installment;

His mistress is Manon Blackbeak;

His name is ….







This picture comes from Sarah J Maas pinterest board “Throne of Glass”

I love Abraxos! Seriously. He was the weakest of all the dragons when the witches had to choose for one. He was opposed to the biggest and the scariest of the bunch and he won! He is determined, courageous and loyal to his mistress Manon.

He is my hero!

I would so love having such a pet.

OK he might be a little bit bulky. He won’t fit in the shed. He won’t be able to sleep in my room BUT he would be totally badass!

Best pet sidekick ever!


Now do tell me who is your favorite pet sidekick?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve read only the first two books in the TOG series but I’m planning to finish rest of the series after the final book is released. Abraxos sounds adorable! I would love to have a Pet Dragon! XD

  2. ah ! ahah nope, I don’t think he’d fit in the shed for sure xD

    For some reason, my mind was hooked on fantasy characters ; and as I don’t read that, I wasn’t sure what to pick. Upon reading your post however, I just got it in mind !!
    Of course it HAS to be our little Hot, little dachshund side character of the corner shop in cockleberry bay. (You know how I love sausages !! heheh)

    1. Of course a Dachshund Kristina!!! ;-) Love them all based on all your posts and picture <3

  3. Uhhh Sophie, I NEVER KNEW there was a dragon in Throne of Glass!! I would have already read that book if I’d known… I’m pushing it up my TBR list as I speak!! I don’t know if you know but dragons are first in my heart so if I learn a book has any sort of dragon or dragons I will read it as they are too far and between for me. :D

    And thank you so much for participating today. I didn’t realize how hard this prompt would be for others to think of!! Hopefully you inspired them and they’ll link up. ❤

    1. Hahaha Dani there are pets in books but they rarely play a memorable role more like an after thought. And Abraxos only come into the picture from book 3 or 4 but he is just fantastic!!!

  4. Haven’t read that book, but a dragon sidekick must be awesome :D I don’t know who I’d pick as mine… I’m really bad at remembering things like that when I need to :D but it would probably be someone cute xD

  5. I didn’t even think of Abraxos for this week’s theme and I really love him so much… probably because the word pet or sidekick just doesn’t seem enough to describe to describe him… he will always be a warrior in my eyes…
    Great post and thanks for reminding me of him

  6. I haven’t read this series yet (I know I need to!) but he sounds awesome!! I would love a dragon like that as a pet!! Or Saphira from Eragon! She was cool too!

    1. Yes Saphira was so cool! You are right Brittany. And if you get the chance, read this series ;-)

  7. Oh damn. I wish I’d thought outside the box and realised that DRAGONS count as pets in some universes. Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon would have worked. :’)

  8. Abraxos sounds pretty cool! And I’m like you: I prepare my posts a day in advance. One day I’ll step my game up and do it earlier, but for now I like the challenge of keeping up.