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They say nothing compares to the first kiss. That sentence needs to be amended. Nothing compares to the first kiss from Oliver Best. I knew in the moment our lips touched that the cocky rockstar would be forever imprinted in my mind. I also knew that loving him would be my destruction. And yet, love him I did.

Oliver Best, former rockstar, heir to one of the largest fortunes in Great Britain, and the country’s most infamous bad boy.

Saylor Blue Carter, college drop-out, lead singer of a struggling band, not a penny to her name.

When they met, it was hate at first sight. Oliver was an arrogant ass. Saylor was a cold hearted bitch. These were the thoughts they had for each other. Until that kiss. That life altering, earth shattering, nuclear kiss. They knew what that kiss meant. They knew anything between them would be explosive and without hope for a happily ever after. So they vowed to forget, they tried to stay away. But now with their best friends’ wedding approaching, all bets are off.


♥ My Thoughts ♥

I’ve read ALL MH Soars books so far and loved them. I love her as well but now I want to shout: M.H Soars HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?????

how dare you photo: How dare you tumblr_inline_mj44p7ee1A1qduy64.gif

You wrote in your acknowledgments: “Please don’t be mad at me for splitting their story. I tried to make it all fit in one novel, but I realized quickly that it would be impossible.” Well sorry girl but I’m MAD AT YOU!
I was slowly warming to these characters and their budding romance and then BAHM cliffhanger! Aside from your Alien’s books that’s the first time you pulled this card. Damn!

Deep breath in, deep breath out… thinking about sunny days and cute kittens and… I’m trying to cool down if you did not guess because I want to write something you’ll understand and like about this book.

Here I go.

I planned giving this book a solid 4 stars until I reached the last page. As much as I hate cliffhanger I must honestly admit it gave this book an added edge. My blood was boiling and my heartbeat was accelerating. All that makes me feel strong emotions when reading a book is a winner and so it’s become a 4,5 stars.

It all began nicely, softly even. It was a looking like a light, sweet and easy story about a naughty rock star, ex boys band member with a hot bod: Oliver. Said rock star was a womanizer but one day he met Saylor, Liv’s best friend. Instant lust!
He’s all devouring her mouth, assaulting her… but she’ll get away.
Months later he’s got a perfect excuse to chase her as she’s the maid of honor at his best mate’s wedding.
Saylor is a girl following my heart. She went through Hell and back. Strongly independent, fiercely loyal she would kill to protect her loved ones. She pursues her dreams of being a rock star too. What’s not to love in a chick rocking the scene and flipping the bird to the most sought after singer in the world? You tell me.
Because of course Saylor will play hard to get. Where would be the fun otherwise, right? Until.. she lets her body speak and dance horizontally with Oliver.
Have a one night stand to get it all out of their system and go their separate ways.
Obviously it did not turn out as planned. They wanted more, always more.
This is a classic trope in romance, the one night stand turning to love but this is very nicely done with perfect cast for the roles and a little twist to the story. A twist I won’t reveal that gives another intensity and dramatic edge to the story.

What I loved about this story:
– Reading about Kimmy and Owen; Liv and Sebastian. It was good following them again and seeing what’s becoming of them;

– Oliver! He is the perfect famous bad boy. Hot singer, going through girls like Imelda Marcos went through shoes he’ll soon be dead set on winning Saylor. He’s a handsome devil.

Meet Oliver through Saylor’s eyes:
“His striking, almost surreal, blue eyes are glued to my face, searching for something I can’t fathom. It’s almost as if he’s trying to invade my mind, peer into my thoughts. His blond hair is messy, like he’s just run his fingers through it without a thought. I don’t want to concede, I don’t want to acknowledge it, but he is a sexy mother@cker.”

– Saylor of course! As I said above she’s a kickass heroine. Someone I could relate to. She’s had so many ordeals in her life and is still swimming! I damn hope she’ll get her HEA!
You hear me MH Soars? I swear if you don’t give that girl the happy ending she deserves I’ll personally stalk you and steal all your Starbuck coffee or nail polish or Sephora gift cards or…until you relent and see the light!

So if you want a sweet love story with an edge, love hot singers and don’t mind cliffhangers, this could be your read. Added bonus: you have a bunch of great side characters that I could see having their own books in the future. For MH Soars fans, just know that this is her hottest one so far.

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