Hi dear friends,

A short post just to tell you that from December 1st and every day in December I will hold my own “Blogmas” challenge and will post about my Best Books of 2018!

If you want to join the fun it’s simple!

See below the daily topics in the graphics and use the hashtag #BestBooksof2018. Maybe just mention that I host the challenge?

You can post on WordPress or you can go the easy road and just add a book cover on Twitter with the hashtag or on Instagram …whatever you fancy!

You can also choose to post only some days if not all topics inspire you. I will be happy if only one blogger plays with me LOL

Just know that if you post on WordPress add your link in the comments of my daily post as I disabled the pingback on my blog and won’t see your post if you just link to me πŸ˜€Β 

I hope you’ll be inspired LOL

Anyway already a big thank you just for reading my posts!


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  1. What fun! At first I thought it was a blog post every day which is 100% in the realm of impossible for me. LOL But a quick Twitter or Instagram post? That I might be able to manage here and there. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see all the Bests!

  2. PERFECT! I was looking to do something just like this for Friday Faves but I knew I was going to need more time than just one post a week to highlight all the great books this year. Count me in…I’ll try to do as many as possible (though don’t count it against me if I forget to add my link everyday)! Excited!

    1. Don’t worry about links etc that you could forget Trisy! I am already very happy that you want to take part πŸ˜‰