Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly@caffeinatedreviewer .

In my private life

First can someone explain to me how May is nearly already gone and we are in June???

I do nearly nothing working from home since March 2020 and yet the time seems to be flying by!


Working from home and our restaurants and theaters etc still being closed I don’t have much to tell except that it finally feels like Spring in Belgium!

Today is one of these perfect Sundays where the sun is shining but not too hot, the birds are chirping and the nature is beautiful!

I went for a long walk and now some gardening will fill my late afternoon!


My daughter is busy studying for her finals that she will begin next week until the end of June!


And I was allowed to get back to my fitness club four weekends in a row to follow my aquaboxing class in the pool! So yay!

The first time, after more than seven months, I nearly died of exhaustion (kidding but…fifty is not twenty that’s for sure!!!) :lol:

Next weekend they are closed as they will prepare what we hope will be a reopening if our government allows it!


And this Wednesday, I’ll get my second jab of the Moderna vaccine!

We’ll see if I have no reaction like the first time.

My mom who had the same vaccine and had no outer reaction did some blood test and she is exploding all records with her COVID antibodies level! So yay mom! :-D


Oh and today I sent a mail to a publisher asking if I could be added to their bookstagrammer/book blogger list only…I pushed send before completing the mail!!!! I then sent a second one with excuses etc… I guess as we only have one chance to make a first impression mine won’t be good :cry: 

And as I am in the tradition to leave you with my fun reels, here is my latest!

On the blog (click on the graphic to read the post)

I reviewed six books in these last two weeks and one more will be posted tomorrow!



I also posted about my favorite quotes with sarcasm this last Tuesday!


Thanks for reading.




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  1. Congrats on 2nd vaccine, we have to wait 12 weeks in between so mine is due mid June and am hoping for no symptoms after the horrendous ones I got after the 1st! Summer has defo arrived in the UK I’d say, so hot yesterday!

  2. Love your reels, so cute! I’m happy you and your mom are Covid-protected now. Hopefully we can help India with their recovery efforts and put this thing to bed once and for all.

  3. Yay for getting your second dose this week and that’s awesome about your mom’s antibodies! Hope you guys can open soon and start heading back to normal.

  4. Yay for getting your second shot soon. I hope you’ll have no side effects this time either. My son is getting his second shot this Saturday and I’ll just be so relieved knowing that all of my loved ones will be fully vaccinated so we can get back to normal.

  5. I am glad you are getting your second shot! My eldest son should be getting his second jab soon, too, followed by both shots for his wife. They live in Prague.

    Here we have had both shots…except for my daughter, who is stubbornly “vaccine hesitant,” despite anything the rest of us say! She is a grown woman, though, and doesn’t listen to me!!

    Have a great week, and enjoy your books; and thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. So exciting to get that second vaccine! I will not be getting mine for quite some time as our government has delayed the second doses to offer more first doses. It seems like good policy, but it makes me nervous! I am glad that you are starting to get back into your regular routine and you have had some great reads lately! :)

  7. Everything feels back to normal in my area already, pretty much all open and folks are about half and half with masks. I’m looking forward to going to the movies again, as my regular theater finally opened after a year of closure!

  8. Great news on your second vaccine dose this week. I hope the nice weather continues- aquaboxing sounds like a good workout-lots of resistance! I too have accidently bumped the send button and sent an email to quickly!

  9. In NJ, most places don’t even require masks any longer. I went out to east last night, and it was so weird seeing everyone’s faces. Good luck with the second dose. My dad no problem, so I hope it goes just as well for you. Good luck to your daughter as well on her finals! (I hope the publisher adds you to their list!)

  10. Glad it’s a beautiful day! Hope you have a great weekend. Restaurants and whatnot are opening up here so much- in fact I got accosted yesterday walking in one by some guy who wanted to know why we were wearing masks. Needless to say I had a few choice words. Ah, America!

  11. We too have been having beautiful, sunny, spring weather here, and enjoying the blue skies, but boy is it still a little on the chilly side. Oh, and yes, congrats on getting the second shot so soon. We are having to wait here, as there are delays on getting the vaccine here. I cannot wait to be able to get back to the parks and gardens. Soon, very soon! Have a great week, Sophie!

  12. Yay for the 2nd dose! I had more side effects from the first (underarm pain, rash, swelling) than the second (I was super tired for 1 day and that was it!). Things are pretty open here in Ohio; hopefully we don’t have a spike. I went to a wedding Friday and we didn’t have to wear a mask since we were all vaccinated. It was really exciting (it was all teachers and their spouses, so everyone got the vaccine pretty early here). Have a great week!

  13. Congrats on your second vaccine coming up! Here in the US we are supposed to fully open on June 15th, so we’ll see how that goes Have a good week, Sophie!