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Hi dear friends,

As work is kicking my behind and I am just running like mad to keep up with my posts *imagine that hamster running in its wheel all day long…that’s me!* I will keep it simple and efficient today.

Oh yes, the topic!

Well Dani wants us to speak about A Truly Scary Character

I could have chosen Freddy Krueger or any other character from horror books or movie.

Except that you know that I don’t watch or read them!

But a scary character does not need to be from a horror story.

A scary character is not only “just” a villain. No I love some “good” villains in all shades of grey. The Darkling is a villain that I love to read about but he is not really scary.

No a scary character has to be evil. Truly evil. If he is mad it’s even better.

He does not need to be a big man with bulging muscles sporting a rictus with a demonic laugh to be scary.

One of the scariest characters that I’ve read about is a woman, beautiful on the outside, slim, unasuming if you don’t take a second look.

My choice of the day is Queen Elara from Red Queen.

This is Victoria’s Aveyard “herself” fanart for Queen Elara and you can find this and more on her Twitter account @OfficialRdQueen

If you read some fandom some write that she “loved her son so much that she “made sure he had everything he wanted””. Well I totally disagree with this one!

What she did to Maven was horrific! That’s not a mother’s love to her son!

For those among you who don’t know who queen Elara is she is King Tiberias’s wife and has the ability to enter other’s mind and manipulate them. She is unrelenting, ruthless and cruel beyond anything you could ever imagine!

She made Calore kill his father, invading his mind and taking control of his body.

She also killed all ability to love in her son Maven. He became obssessed with Mare but was it true love? I don’t think so.

One of her famous quotes” If you know someone’s fear you know them”. Scary right? 😉 

Never in a thousand year would I come close to someone like her. I would be too afraid she would send me over the edge!

Is she scary? Oh yes!

That’s it for today as I still have tons of posts and reviews to write! Sorry I’ll do better next time.

Now do tell me who your scary character would be…

Thanks for reading!

PS I know that I am behind on commenting, replying and liking. I will make up to you in the coming days promise!!!!!




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  1. GAHHHHH Sophie I totally agree with you on this one and I totally forgot her too! She is totally scary and I really hate what she did to her son. It’s unfortunate but parents do have this effect on their children sometimes and it breaks my heart while also being truly horrific too. I totally get you on being behind too, though I don’t think it shows it this post!! ❤️

  2. Work is tooooootally kicking my behind as well. I am blogging less even. Argh. But at least I am not reading less xD so there’s that 😀
    It’s too bad I don’t know this character! I was hoping it would be someone I could relate to 😀

  3. Great post, Sophie! I love WATCHING horror movies but I’m not too big on READING them though I used to read everything Stephen King wrote like 20 years ago! Right now, one of my favorite tv series is American Horror Story…the main villain is the “anti-Christ”…EEEK!

  4. Wow, this lady sounds seriously evil! Note to self: steer clear of Queen Elara! 🙂

    When I think of scary characters, I think of Amarantha and the King of Hybern from the ACOTAR series. I think of the Dementors. And that creepy clown from Stephen King’s It!