With the government of Detritus in disarray because of Superiority treachery, and with Spensa still away on her mission in the Nowhere, Jorgen must work together with the alien Alanik to pick up the pieces. They intercept a strange transmission from the planet Evershore and its Kitsen inhabitants, who say they have some of Jorgen’s people and want to return them—but can the Kitsen be trusted? And can Jorgen learn to master his increasingly erratic cytonic powers before they spiral out of control and destroy all hope of forming an alliance against the Superiority?

Mini Audiobook Review

Mini review or rather some thoughts about that one!

I’ll give it 4,5 stars.

I had never been one to like novellas but the Skyward novellas blew me away!

They all added an invaluable insight to the story and really helped make the story progress, something I don’t find often in companion novels.

Evershore is Jorgen’s time to shine. And shine he will!

He will be pushed to his limits, will have to take risks and to adapt all the time. He will learn more about his abilities as a cytonic that will prove a definite asset! But he had to mearn by himself, just guided by a very unexpected “coach”!
Imagine learning to cook intuitively, without recipe nor manual, just experimenting with food and hoping that you make something edible without setting fire to the kitchen? Well that’s what Jorgen did all along!

It is a testimony to human’s resilience and faculty to adapt!
When Jorgen decided a course of action there was a curve ball thrown at him that forced him to decide in a split seconds and change strategy, all while knowing the lives of thousands of people depended of his decision. And not five minutes later he had to do it all again!

Jerkface truly impressed me here!

Jorgen is still trying to cope with the loss of his parents and he’ll have lots of work to do because so far, he is pushing his feelings down, down, down!

We also see how he misses Spensa and that was really cute and heartwarming!

I also adore the slugs! These creatures are playing such unexpected vital role in the series!

Last but not least, praise again for Suzy Jackson who was the perfect narrator for that series!

Actions, battles, surprises, danger and growth is what you can expect from Evershore!

Thanks for reading!


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