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This is my last post and last stop for the Meet Your Next Book Boyfriend tour (find the lineup here https://wp.me/p4uAPW-3Sa )

I told you with Emma Scott’s post last week that she chose to interview the romance book boyfriend that I chose to feature: Weston J Turner.

Well today is his time to shine again!

Why do I love Wseton so much and who is Weston?

Weston is one of the main characters in Beautiful Hearts Duet.

If you need to imagine him, here is one picture that Emma used on her Facebook page and I think it’s the perfect picture for him!

Weston built walls around his heart as he’d been abandoned by his dad who left Weston’s mom alone and in financial difficulties to raise three children. Wes offers his impassive façade to everyone and does not care to make friends except for Connor. He’s been called the Amherst @hole.

“When your dad leaves you behind like a forgotten sock, a piece of your childhood rots away—the part where you can just be a kid without worrying so much.”

Loving someone just gets you hurt.

“I worried I would grow up to be trash too, and would hurt any woman I might someday love, so I vowed not to love anyone.”

He runs fast, very fast. That’s what got him a scholarship to college.

“I ran a lot. When I got mad, I ran around the old, pitted track at my public school as fast as I could, for as long as I could. I don’t know why; I didn’t particularly like running, but I was fast. I still had dreams about chasing Dad’s car, so maybe that’s why. Maybe I’m still trying to catch him. Stupid. Running on a track, you just go in circles. You always come back to where you start.”

But Weston is not only a runner he as other talents that I won’t speak here as I don’t want to spoil the story.

What you also have to know about Weston is that he’d do ANYTHING for Connor, his best friend, even letting the girl he loves go as Connor was smitten with her! Because if he is in love with Autumn he also loves with his friend with all his heart!

He is selfless, loyal, protective, a poet and so many other things!


If you read this duet, and I hope you’ll do, your heart will break for Weston! Honestly the duet is maybe the most powerful work of Emma Scott. Surpassing Full Tilt. At least equaling Forever Right Now. She did the impossible and truly brought down the stars to light our hearts afire.


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