When her whole life collapsed, Rae still had books. Dying, she seizes a second chance at living: a magical bargain that lets her enter the world of her favourite fantasy series.

She wakes in a castle on the edge of a hellish chasm, in a kingdom on the brink of war. Home to dangerous monsters, scheming courtiers and her favourite fictional character: the Once and Forever Emperor. He’s impossibly alluring, as only fiction can be. And in this fantasy world, she discovers she’s not the heroine, but the villainess in the Emperor’s tale.

So be it. The wicked are better dressed, with better one-liners, even if they’re doomed to bad ends. She assembles the wildly disparate villains of the story under her evil leadership, plotting to change their fate. But as the body count rises and the Emperor’s fury increases, it seems Rae and her allies may not survive to see the final page.

This adult epic fantasy debut from Sarah Rees Brennan puts the reader in the villain’s shoes, for an adventure that is both ‘brilliant’ (Holly Black) and ‘supremely satisfying’ (Leigh Bardugo). Expect a rogue’s gallery of villains including an axe wielding maid, a shining knight with dark moods, a homicidal bodyguard, and a playboy spymaster with a golden heart and a filthy reputation.


6 stars

When evil is sexy…


Just WOW! Can you convince others to read a book with only « Just WOW »? Probably not but it remains true that this book is wow!

Long Live Evil will be in my top five by the end of the year!

I know I will have an awful time writing a coherent review because I loved that book so much that I feel like a boiling cauldron where everything wants to leak out at once!

It’s a story like none other! A one of a kind! It’s a story where the villains take the floor and evil twins talk in your stead. It’s wicked and gleeful! Amoral and funny like heck!

One of the many proofs that I absolutely adored that book: it has more tabulations and annotations than any book I have read these last months!

When the synopsis says “The wicked are better dressed, with better one-liners” that’s absolutely true!

The banter or just Rae’s inner monologues were so funny and sarcastic that I was cackling! I can’t wait to get my hands on a finished copy and make TONS of graphics and add lots of quotes on Goodreads!

Long Live Evil strangely reminded me of Yellowface by RF Kuang because this was also a parody and sometimes a jubilant satire, of stories, books and characters. Sarah Rees Brennan dissected plots, characters arcs, characters building and worlds creation with sharp wits and a keen sense of self-deprecation. All to give us a mirthful tale where desperate characters embrace their inner villains to save what’s most dear to them, wanting to alter fate but ending up with an unexpected boon. Or is it truly?

What’s certain is that I will read the sequel and will now read Sarah Rees Brennan’s backlist!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. If only we could convince readers to read books based on WOW only! But seeing such a high rating definitely has me looking into this one more though!

    Such a fab review luv!

  2. Oh, WOW! I almost requested this book because the synopsis intrigued me, but I was swayed by some very negative comments I saw on GoodReads – which shows once again I’d better trust my fellow bloggers rather than GR commenters… Now that I’ve read your review (6 stars!!!!) I know this might prove the right fit for me. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! 🙂