Two best friends fake date to reach their holiday happily ever after in this first romantic comedy in the Lovelight series.

A pasture of dead trees. A hostile takeover of the Santa barn by a family of raccoons. And shipments that have mysteriously gone missing. Lovelight Farms is not the magical winter wonderland of Stella Bloom’s dreams.

In an effort to save the Christmas tree farm she’s loved since she was a kid, Stella enters a contest with Instagram-famous influencer Evelyn St. James. With the added publicity and the $100,000 cash prize, Stella might just be able to save the farm from its financial woes. There’s just one problem. To make the farm seem like a romantic destination for the holidays, she lied on her application and said she owns Lovelight Farms with her boyfriend. Only…there is no boyfriend.

Enter best friend Luka Peters. He just stopped by for some hot chocolate and somehow got a farm and a serious girlfriend in the process. But fake dating his best friend might be the best Christmas present he’s ever received.


Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka…

4,5 stars

As you might have understood, I am quite smitten with our male main character!

But let’s backtrack.

I got Lovelight Farms while at YALC (Young Adult London Convention) as it was a bargain and after having seen that book everywhere for some time now. And I am so glad I bought it!

The plot in a nutshell: Stella owns a Christmas tree farm as it’s been her dream for so long. Yet the farm is struggling and to save it, she’ll enter in a contest ran by a famous Instagram influencer.

The only problem: she lied on her application and said that she owned it with her boyfriend. Desperate to win, she’ll ask her best friend of ten years, Luka to be her fake boyfriend for one week.

And as it’s a romance, we can guess where that fake dating is headed to!

That book is a perfect mix of everything I love in books and in romance in particular:

-the fake dating trope.

I love that trope as we see people circling each other and slowly realizing there is more to it than they signed for! The added kick here is that there has been tons of attraction for years between Luka and Stella! The boundaries were blended plenty and both were very touchy-feely.

the friends to lovers.

I adore that one! Because that means the protagonists have a lot of history, shared memories and often hidden feelings. The friendship Luka and Stella shared was beautifully written, full of fond and funny moments. BK Borison didn’t only told us they had been friends, they showed us their friendship in all its cuteness. Seeing them openly fall in love was a delight. “You have big feelings for Luka, and he has big feelings for you, and I don’t understand why neither of you has ever done anything about it.”

something to overcome.

Stella thought she had reached her goal only to realize that everything was not pink! She’ll have a lot to do to save her dream. But she’ll never falter!

“I feel lied to. Not only by every Hallmark movie I’ve ever seen but also by the previous owner of this land.”

-the small town.

Inglewild is a very small town and everyone has everyone’s back! When Luka and Stella walked hand in hand into town, it was funny and sweet to see everyone’s reaction, cheering for them and…knowing everything in a heartbeat thanks to the “phone tree”.

-amazing side characters and “found family” trope.

Not only Beckett and Layla, working as partners on the farm, were amazing but also sheriff Dane and many others! Every character was beautifully written, with a unique personality and a trope/script to follow that added lots of layers to the stories. Reading the ladies swooning when Beckett worked shirtless, people running for Layla’s baked goods, having the sheriff threaten Luka if he didn’t treat Stella’s right had me wanting to be part of that protective and supportive community.

a top notch romance.

Stella was really frightened to fake date her best friend as she didn’t want to lose their special friendship. Everyone she had loved leaved her and she didn’t want to let her feelings be too obvious for fear of losing Luka.

Yet, Luka was determined to make it work and he was EVERYTHING I love in a book boyfriend!

-THE bookboyfriend!

I could write a book about Luka! He is sweet, sexy, supportive, a great cook, very attentive, funny, laidback, great in bed and only wants to please Stella. He also is good at communication and when we were headed to a third act breakup it lasted maybe one or two pages and that was such a relief! Because Luka talked with Stella and vice versa.

And let’s not forget Stella who is so relatable and easy to love. She wears her heart on her sleeve, she is courageous, funny too but also sad sometimes. She made me think of a kitten in all the best ways.

The mood in the book is definitely sweet, a little bit spicy and very Christmassy so if you are looking for an excellent Christmas romance with lots of heart, go for it!

I am now a fan of BK Borison and will read her other books without a doubt!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Many many readers are loving this one. For fans of illustrated books, I can see why its so well loved. Unless its a favorite author, I won’t be reading these type of books anymore. But I am so happy that it did so many good things for you.