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You know how since three years now, several times a year, I post about “Meet Your Next Book Boyfriend” right? Where I get to gush about all the male characters that I came to love and would not mind dating in another life (if I was free, young again and if they existed)!

Two weeks ago, after I published Emma Scott’s interview of Weston Turner, one of my male followers, yes Lashaan @bookidote, that would be you, asked when I would write a “Meet Your Next Book Girlfriend” for my male followers.

And ….he was right! Of course!!!

Here we go as women asking for equal rights and fair treatments while I had blatantly ignored our fellow male bloggers for years! Gasp!

No more!

So today, as I aim to please and as Lashaan has the best ideas (I did a post once after one of his comments asking why the romance heroes where all gorgeous and all), you get the Book Girlfriends!

All the women below are female characters that I admire so much that I think they would make perfect girlfriends and one last that I said I would marry if I wasn’t straight!

So without further ado…

First female character: Harper from A Curse So Sark and Lonely

Harper was the girl neither prince Rhen neither Commander Grey expected! She did not meet any of their criteria.
Born with cerebral palsy she fought all her life to work around her handicap. Courageous, determined, fierce she refused to let it cripple her life and determine who she was! I loved that Brigid Kemmerer chose a “flawed” heroine, one born with bad cards yet who managed through sheer determination to raise above her handicap and accomplish extraordinary things.
Harper was not only brave but also extremely generous and wore her heart on her sleeve.

Life had been hard on more than one way on her and she learned not to trust easily and to call it rubbish when it was.
She was the least classic fairy tale princess from all the “chosen” girls yet she could not have been better suited for the role!

When she meets commander Gray she fights! He may be a seasoned warrior and her an untrained handicapped girl she will be fierce and resourceful!
The same can be said with Rhen! He won’t be the boss of her and the prince will be disconcerted with this daring girl!

“Am I supposed to call you Your Highness now?” “Only if you can do it without such contempt.”

Yet if she mistrusts Grey and Rhen *of course she does not trust them, they kidnapped her* she does not hesitate to brave danger and death to save innocent women and children. Earning Rhen and Grey’s admiration and respect.

Harper also bloomed in this story. All her life she’s been seen as fragile and in need of being protected by her big brother Jack. Here she became so much more as she took the lead and acted to protect other’s lives. She learnt to be in charge and that she was strong and resourceful.


Second female heroine: Mercedes from The Smallest Part by Amy Harmon

In that story, Mercedes was everyone’s pillar. And loyal to a fault. Mercedes is MY underdog and she should never have been one to begin with. She should have been the main character of this love story.
I was angry with Mercedes even if I loved her to pieces at the same time. That was until she explained her reason about the most important part by the end.
Then I grasped the endless extent of Mercedes wisdom.

“I never wanted anyone else, Noah. But you loved me because I was strong. I was steady. And having your love and your affection was too important to ruin it with sex and jealousy and childish love triangles. I knew that if I gave up all claim on your body, I could keep your heart. That was the part that mattered most to me.”

Third female character: Ellen Rodgers from Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann

Ellen Rodgers has just moved from Cape Cod to Minnesota. She is a music therapist and has signed a business lease with Flint Hopkins, lawyer. Ellen being a music therapist her sessions are …noisy. Flint can’t concentrate to prepare his court cases and will soon ask Ellen to leave.

When Ellen, very touchy-feely Ellen, live in the moment Ellen, bright ray of sunshine Ellen and very sassy Ellen enters his world Flint is knocked off his righteous seat. He will try to resist the woman. For all his bravery his resistance will be feeble because let’s face it, she has great tits, gorgeous auburn hair and an incredibly sexy silhouette. Ace up in her sleeve: his son Harry is infatuated with her.

At least as infatuated as an autistic child can be.

Ellen can’t avoid touching Flint. Righting his tie, fastening the buttons of his jacket, chasing imaginary lint from his sleeves… because Flint is Sex in a Suit.

“I’m going to miss tidying you up, Mr. Hopkins. I like to think of myself as an expert on suits, and I can say with one hundred percent certainty that no man has ever looked this good in a suit.”

I loved how Ellen invaded his private space throwing Flint on a loop. She loved ruffling Flint’s feathers. And soon enough Flint will want Ellen’s touch.

I loved Ellen. She went through so much! She was a giver. Dead set on enjoying life. She was the perfect balance of sassy and sweet.

Plus, who wouldn’t love someone having rats playing basketball right?


And my favorite of all, the one that I would marry in a heartbeat is…

Darlene Montgomery from Forever Right Now by Emma Scott

If I was a guy I would marry Darlene a thousand times.

Never before have I felt such love for a female character. I’ve admired and loved plenty heroines but Darlene was just impossible not to fall intensely in love with.

She is struggling with what she did and what she wants to escape. When Emma Scott writes Darlene’s struggle and conflicts you can only feel them deep in your soul.

“I hate that no matter what I do, I’ll always be that girl. The girl who was weak and sad. Who had this big yawning hole of want in her, and filled it up with terrible shit. And you know what? The drugs are gone but the want is still there, and the good things I want to fill it with are right in front of me but I’m scared to grab for them.”

Here is what I wrote after reading what she went through, her desperate need to be loved and her fears to fall for her old demons even if she was determined to become a new woman:

I love Darlene. She is raw attuned to the world and others she is like opened wound and bare flesh for everyone to see. She is overflowing with emotions and a need to love and be loved so big that it’s overwhelming. Like her tiny body is not big enough to contain this tidal wave of feelings.

Darlene was just an exceptional character helping everyone, wearing her heart on her sleeve and she swept Sawyer of his feet.


I hope Lashaan that you have found some girls to love and admire here! And I hope that my male followers (raise your hand please) also found this post inspiring!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hahahaahhaha thank you so much for doing this, Sophie! It must’ve been fun to think of all those fantastic women you’ve encountered in your books. I think it’s such a huge step for all of us to appreciate our own sex characters and wonder “they deserve the best” too hahaha 😛 Awesome post, Sophie! 😀

  2. Can’t forget the brilliant girlfriends as well! I definitely agree with Harper and I would say Lia Mara as well in the second book! I think Annabeth from Percy Jackson, Scarlet from the Lunar Chronicles, Blue from the Raven Cycle and June from the Legend trilogy would be on my list too 😀

  3. You’re much nicer than me! I would have told them they should do book Girlfriend posts themselves and that I would share the post if they wanted Fun list though! I still need to read A Curse So Dark and Lovely!

  4. I love that you added Girlfriends to the mix. I feel like I am guilty of always raving about the heroes of my romance reads, but I have also met some phenomenal heroines. I loved Darlene. I felt for her in the Butterfly Project and was so excited to see her get her HEA in her own book. She deserved it.

  5. I was rearranging my bookshelves over the weekend and when I got to the “S” shelf I was handling all my Emma Scott books – including The Smallest Part and Forever Right Now. I loved what you shared about Darlene and I’m sure I’ll love her, too.