Hi dear friends,

It is Sunday already and for what’s become our traditional weekly chit-chat for months now.

I love these Sunday Post because as they are kindly hosted by Kimberly @caffeinatedbookreviewer I get to blog hop to many of you posts and see what’s happened in your life even if I had a busy week (like this week) and could not hop to my content!

Let’s get this show started!

In my private life first

Like the title suggests we had an interesting week!

My daughter on Monday evening attended a party organized by her classmates (they had a day off on Tuseday). Everything was planned for her to have a sleepover.

When I went to bed, I took my phone saying my hubs that I had a bad feeling and that we’ll be needed.

You have to know that when my kids go out (not very often) I am not an anxious parent staying awake till they make it back safely home. I don’t take my phone while going to sleep either. The only other time I did I told my husband I had a bad feeling and my daughter called us!

Well I guess I have a sixth sense as just before 1 AM my husband burst into the bedroom saying our daughter had called to have us fetch her.

Of course he disappeared so fast that my sleepy mind had no time to ask about the problem.

I tried to phone my daughter but she did not answer.

I could not fall back asleep and began reading waiting for their return. My daughter explained  that every kid was drunk way past being sick or asleep except her. She does not drink much (she did it once, the first time and had hives for two weeks straight!) just one or two beers max. What she did not like at all was everyone urging her to “drink more” and she “was not cool” and …

Well you get it!

It was not funny anymore and she asked us for going back home.

Needless to say that when my alarm rang at 5 AM for work I got up groaning :-D 

But I am proud of her because she resisted her peers and has a solid head!


On Wednesday we had a national strike and I had to chauffeur my daughter to some appointment. No grocery shopping as we could not enter the mall!!!! On the evening my son was very grumpy as we had not the usual food on the table because ….strike! He told me that “I had to plan”. The nerve! Ha!


That being said, work has been better as in “not coming back home at 8 PM” yet still intense!

The weather is crazy as we have now temperature worth of spring! We get around 17° C which is around 63° F!!!!

Next week will be intense again as I am working on my day off so I just know that I’ll play catch up with comments ….once again!

I know I still have tons of comments to catch up with as I am able to reply every three days right now but I will do it! Promise! Honestly I sometimes favor commenting on your posts before replying as I also want to follow what you post.

Oh I nearly forgot! I won an extra cool T-Shirt from CC Hunter! Expect pictures soon.


On the blog (click on the graphic to read the post)

Before detailing my week here I just woke up one day to 650 visitors on the same day AND they were not robots!!!!!! Real visitors! In one day! I get my fair share but so much it’s only happened once before when I announced the sad news of Emma Scott’s daughter’s death.

This was nearly all thanks to the love letter written by Chloe Walsh (see below)…


I have read three books this week and wrote two reviews. Books read: The Risk by Elle Kennedy (review planned for tomorrow); The Son and his Hope by Pepper Winters (see below) and I just finished today On the Come Up by Angie Thomas (I hope to publish the review on Wednesday).

Becoming is the only book I listened to and was just fabulous! I recommend the audio vs PB as it’s like having tea with Michelle! On a side note: my mom who never reads book has just bought this one and is busy reading it!!!!!! Michelle is a miracle woman :-D 

The Son and his Hope by Pepper Winters was a rollercoaster of emotions. Be warned: read it only after the first two books (the Ribbon duet) and with a stock full of tissues!

The Romance and Love Celebration has been a success! The last post was yesterday and I ended Amy Harmon’s Giveaway. I am just waiting for her to give me the green light on the winner.

Emma Scott wrote us a gorgeous poem about  a woman reading.

Pam Nelson shares with us her Top 5 audiobooks about love.

Chloe Walsh, an author that I discovered barely two months ago but who has become my new “go to” author gave me an incredible gift. She wrote a (long) love letter from Johnny to Shannon. These are the main characters of Binding 13 and Keeping 13 and it was that good that many in her an base visited the blog! Hence my 650 real visitors that day….

On a side note: my seventeen year old daughter has begun reading these books! I guess I built a strong case :-D I am so happy as I will gush about this story with her!!!

Angela from Reading Frenzy explained why couples reading together will stay together (her true story).

Amy Harmon shared the poem Thomas is reading to Ann and has been so generous to gift a signed copy of What the Wind Knows plus a copy of Yeates poems!

Heather at Books and Blanket shared with us her top 5 meet cute!

And our last post was from the author Victoria L James and she wrote a one-off chapter for Natexus from the male POV!

I want to thank all of you who participated and or commented on this event! You are just fantastic!

Top 5 Tuesday is going on strong with Shanah asking us about Ravenclaw books! I swear this torture won’t end before March…. :-D 

And I published a discussion post, something that I want to do more frequently about audiobooks, asking you if they are real books and if you love them. I was really happy with all your reactions!

On the blogosphere

I did my best to blog hop and this week Marie @drizzleandhurricane is talking about how to stay positive while book blogging


Epic Reads has a fun test allowing you to earn your rap name

And another to know which high school stereotype you are!

Pfew that’s it!

Now do tell me: how was your week? I will comment back and visit your blog as soon as I can! Have a happy Sunday you all!

Thanks for reading



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  1. That’s really great your daughter was able to be herself and not be swayed by peer pressure. Also, that she felt comfortable calling you. But your son on the food thing? *rolls eyes* We do the best we can and can’t predict everything, right? I hope your week is going well and you have time for some great reading.

  2. I like your discussion. I just do what I like. This week I wrote one of the book tours people that I do tours for and told them enough is enough. I can’t keep posting so many. One a day. That’s it. ONE!! So, that made me happy. I will finish Feb for them and come March one a day. That’s it. I don’t want it to conflict with school and it seems it is. I just try to do what I like. That’s what makes me happy. My favorite thing is The Sunday Post! Really, it is.


    1. You are right Mary! I try not to have more than one or two promo posts a day. I don’t want it to hijack my blog.

  3. Congrats Sophie, on being a fabulous Mama (because of course you are, otherwise your daughter wouldn’t be so smart) and on your huge amount of visitors. That’s so awesome!

  4. That is awesome that your daughter is able to call you. My parents had a “no questions asked” policy where if we ever got in a situation where we weren’t comfortable we could call them and we wouldn’t get in trouble no matter what because our safety was the most important thing. It was super great to have that with my parents (I always told my parents everything but it was nice to have the option not to haha)

  5. Sophie, that’s a great sixth sense to have! My mom is one of those moms who will have her phone with her if I’m out and about (okay, she recommends I don’t go out at all so I’m safely under her eye) but she’s also the type NOT to turn her phone on until wayyyyyyy later. It’s good to hear your daughter resisted the pressure! She knows too much will have her breaking out in hives and that’s not fun to have at all.

    ALSO PLEASE POST PICS OF THE CC HUNTER SHIRT. I WANT TO SEE, haha. Is it Shadow Falls related?

    1. Hahaha picture incoming hopefully this weekend Sophia! And yes it is Shadow Fall related but also This Heart of Mine, the Mortician Daughter etc.

  6. That is awesome that your daughter stood up for herself and didn’t give in to the peer pressure. Enjoy your spring like weather! I’m just hoping it stops raining here!

  7. That’s awesome that your daughter not only had the strength of mind to get out of that situation, but within your family there’s so much trust that she can call and say what’s going on. Not to mention you’re getting her into great books! (Assuming this is the same daughter. Either way. Your daughter = reading great books rec’d by you!)

    I’m only hearing good things about On the Come Up, so I hope you enjoy too!

  8. Kudos to your daughter for making the right call. You raised a good one. :) That’s awesome! Peer pressure can be sooo tough.

    I love all those tests and quizzes that tell you this or that. I’ll definitely be taking that high school one haha.

    Have a great week Sophie!!

  9. You know what, I’m proud of your daughter too. That was a very mature decision she made. We had a really warm day here too (Friday?). It was nice after the snow/ice storm we had earlier in the week.

  10. Oh, yes, I remember those teenage years…and I’m so glad they are over!

    Now I wish I had Michelle’s book on audio, even though I don’t do audio…I would love to imagine having tea with her. I did watch two of her interviews, though.

    I’m slowly reading my hardcover copy (for the photos and for how lovely it will look on my shelves).

    Enjoy your week, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

    1. Jacquie my parents either gave me cash for a taxi either I could call them. I am just doing the same (but I was pretty tame too LOL)

  11. I enjoyed your Romance and Love Celebration feature. So many lovely contributions! And wow. I’ve only had that many site visitors a couple of times. Awesome! Good for your daughter on resisting the pressure and getting out of there. Smart girl!