Dear readers,


I asked your opinion about blog posts some days ago because I think you’re wise like that 😉 

Following your comments and reactions I promised to publish posts written with the help of my daughter or rather posts about her favorite books.


Here we go with her first pick.


Let me introduce you to Mini Me (known as Julie) first:


Mini Me is sixteen years old, 5′ 4” and a real fashionista.

I can’t tell you the numbers of shoes this girl has crammed into her wadrobe. If you want a small idea just head over to my review of The Hate U Give as the bookstagram features some of her favorite shoes.


She loves sport  among others kick boxing because she is a badass like that even a small one 😉 


Her favorite singers/bands are Bastille, Sia, Twenty One Pilots, Rag’n’Bone Man, Rita Ora.


She loves writing stories and of course reading books! When I’ve bought her many reads and she does not have any money left to buy her own we make deals: she cleans some part of the house and I finance her addiction. It’s a win-win as she gets to read and I have more time to read, review and blog.


She is a dog person even if she loves animals in general and is also a real drama queen! She can shout and scream one moment just to laugh two seconds later. She is a typical hormonal teenager. She is so convincing when she mock cries that she’s attending drama classes for two years now.

To impersonate my beautiful teenager I chose this gorgeous drawing of “Jen” by the brilliant artist Georgi Georgiev known as “Goshun” and publishing his art on DeviantArt among others. He’s been really generous in letting me use his Jen on the blog. Thank you Goshun! Please just go admire his work he is really talented. Here is a link: Goshun



Now after this introduction, here comes her first pick.


You’ll always get bookstagrams with the French cover but don’t worry, the explanations will be in English 😉 


So one of her favorite books with a gorgeous cover too is A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole.


What she loves about the book:

-we follow the characters from children to teenagers and get to really KNOW them, witness their budding love;

-Poppy’s gusto drawing Kristiansen out of his shell, away from his resentment;

-the idea of writing about every kiss and placing them in a jar, for memories;

-the perfect ending for this kind of book (not telling more);

-Poppy’s generosity because when you love someone you want what’s best for him. You want to protect him/her;

-the looooooooooooooooooove story of course!


More about Mini-Me pick at another time with a little surprise next time.


If you loved this book or have kids that have favorite books we would love chatting about it!


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    1. Thank you Wendy 😉 Maybe the beginning of a friendship for our chicks if they have common tastes 😉

    1. She is super happy to get her first comment Trisy!!! 😉 Thank you so much. Just prepare your tissues for this one. <3