🤔Do author’s behaviors deter you or encourage you from reading their work?

I’ve been shocked in the past by some author’s behavior. Some “big” authors I loved and respected truly attacked some fellow author and I was speechless. I confess that I will either stop to read their work, either my read will be tainted.

How can you write and speak about love and support when you don’t follow what you write?


But today I want to share something really positive with you.

You see I’ve known Jaimie Roberts for some years now. I even did some beta read for her. We chat from time to time about her work or her kids, etc.

When she proposed to send “My Valentine”, the sequel of “Siren” I accepted immediately but told her maybe I would not read it on time for the release.

“No problem” was her answer.

Imagine my embarrassment when I contacted her and told her that I was 30% in the book and I did not think I could finish. Not because it was poorly written, on the contrary but because it was too dark, sick and twisted for my own personal taste. Too far from my comfort zone …


I asked her “What would you like me to do? Write DNF and explain or say nothing?”


Well she told me “Do what feels right to you” “I trust you” She also added that’s what she loved : I told the truth, no sugarcoating.


SO here is my SHOUTOUT to Jaimie Roberts because she RESPECTS her readers, whatever their opininon!!!!

Now I did finish the book because chatting with her it seemed there was more to come. More twists. More secrets. More, always more. Well I should have expected this coming from her. She always has a trick up her sleeve 😉


So what I would tell you is this: if you are a dark and twisted read addict, please read this! It’s a masterpiece in its genre truly.
It’s riveting, it’s sick, it’s filled with twists and it’s around a scorned *that’s not even the right term* woman seeking her revenge and delivering it without mercy.
Scarlet was cunning, smart, determined, merciless.

Kudos to you Jaimie!

But first read Siren, the first book in this duology.
Amazon-> http://amzn.to/2BIJb3A

My Valentine by Jaimie Roberts
Amazon ->http://amzn.to/2BGwbeQ


🤔Are you a dark romance fan?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love that you shared this, and of course, appreciate your honesty. Sometimes I am in the mood for dark romance and sometimes I’m just not. Sometimes I get sucked into one and can’t put it down, but feel TERRIBLE after reading them. I tend to not review those, because I really want to run away and hide as far as possible from the book! Then I feel even worse. It’s a tough call, but I loved that you gave the author a shoutout anyway!

  2. Your relationship with Jaimie is a lot like mine with author Tonya Kuper, who wrote the Schrodinger’s Consortium duology. We first started talking at around her first book tour for the first book in 2014, and we’ve been cool ever since!! I haven’t read anything by her that I haven’t liked or loved but if I did I’d want to be honest. Just like how you’re honest with your real friends and family. It’s cool how there are still some authors who are friends with their fans and chat with them and stuff. 🙂 No need for negativity and threats made, it’s stupid.