Good morning Mr Cole or should I rather say Ruckus ?


“You can call me whatever you want as long as you’re screaming while doing it. Wait, I’m not supposed to be saying stuff like that anymore, am I? Scratch that, then. Yeah, Dean’s fine.”


Thank you for taking some of your precious time to answer my questions as I know you’re making more money in one day than what I would earn in thirty years. So yes I really appreciate.


Now let’s go to business:


  1. First of all could you explain how you earned your nickname: Ruckus?

“When I was in high school, I was into a lot of dark shit. Drugs, alcohol, that type of stuff. I liked partying. A lot. And I always left a mess, wherever I went. Guess the nickname stuck from that time.”


  1. How did you meet the other three Hotholes ? Was it insta friendship or only after some punches?


“I know  Jaime and Vicious since pre-school. We grew up in the same town, around the neighborhoods. Trent, my best friend, is a different story. I met him as freshman here of high school. He was originally from San Diego. I guess it’s hard to tell if we clicked immediately, or it was something more organic. We were so young, you know? It’s almost like we didn’t have a choice. We were the wildest boys everywhere we went, so it made sense to stick together.”


  1. Why are you still friend with Vicious? It’s obvious you each hold a huge grudge against each other. I don’t understand how you can settle your disagreements so violently and then keep working and being friends. What began this war and what keeps you together?

“Vicious and I are actually pretty tight. Just because we disagree on shit doesn’t mean we dislike one another. High school was one thing—fuck, I hated how he treated people. It rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe because of my personal history. But he is tamer now. Or should I say, he is not a full-blown asshole. He half-asses his assholeness.”


  1. What gives you the greatest high in life? Booze? Weed? Sex? Closing a deal? Something else?

“One word: Rosie.”


  1. You’re drunk or high or both nearly every day. Yet you’re still formidable in your business line. What’s your secret to function effectively after a night of excess? I’m certain many readers would be interested to know your magical recipe.

“A shit ton of coffee, two Tylenols, water and exercise. I used to run every morning before work, and actually felt the alcohol seeping from my skin. I don’t drink anymore, though, so it’s not an issue.”



  1. You’re known as THE Womanizer. You blink, they swoon. You smile, they drool. You call them to you and they come running. So what’s your secret? Is it your green,green eyes? Your six pack? Your money? Something else?

“All of the above, I guess? I think in order to be a womanizer, it is important not to call yourself one, because it’s kind of douche-y. I love women. But right now, I love A woman more than anyone else, so I’m not that bothered with what other chicks find in me.”


  1. You’re not a pushover so I never could understand why you asked Millie out. Was it to protect her against Vicious? To annoy Vicious? And why did you let Rosie push you in her sister’s arms when the one you really wanted was Rosie? Why keep torturing you for so long? Or maybe it wasn’t torture and you really had a thing for Millie?

“Rosie wasn’t going to budge from her position. She loved her sister with all her heart and knew what sacrifices Millie had to make when they moved to California. Millie was bullied and taunted, her teenage years essentially ruined—because of Rosie’s sickness. I knew that I stood no fucking chance with Baby LeBlanc that round. As for Vicious—it was all of the above. I wasn’t a saint, but it didn’t feel bad to protect Millie. And if it hurt Vicious so much—why the fuck did he continue harassing her? I wanted to do the right thing. People always think that they know better than you, but when they’re actually in your shoes, I doubt their mind is all clear and fucking sharp. It’s easy to judge.”



  1. Now what makes Rosie so special? She may have a hot body but she is sick too. You have many beautiful women around you so what makes her so attractive in your eyes?

“Her personality. Her smile. Her fight. Her sass. Her sharp tongue. Her love for her family. I can continue, but I don’t have all day. She’s fucking perfect, this woman.”


  1. When (not if as I know your determination) you catch her, what are your plans?

“I caught her, and I am planning to keep her, forever. Her forever, my forever, our forevers.”


  1. To end this interview on something interesting, could you share something juicy about any of the other Hotholes? Something we don’t know yet? Any weakness some have or a shameful memory?

“Trent has a few secrets that are going to rock everybody’s world. He is a mysterious fucker, and once you get to know him, you realize why.”


A big thank you to Ruckus and to L.J. Shen!


I hope you enjoyed this interview and if you have any comments they’re all welcome!


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    1. Thank you so much! It’s been my first character interview and it was so much fun! Thank you to Leigh Shen for being such a good sport and kind lady 🙂

    1. Hi Patty, yes I requested for a character interview. I’ve never done it before but basically, you choose which character you’d like to interview. Then you think about questions, staying true to the character and send them to the author. The trick was trying to avoid any spoiler. Leigh (LJ Shen) has really been so fun to work with. She truly is one of the sweetest and kindest persons I know. Always ready to help. I’m happy you loved it! 🙂