First time I’m wrapping up my month of bookish adventures. Well, my blog is fairly young so there’s that.


Since blogging it’s been tricky to read lots of books as there’s so much to do when blogging and so much fun to have.

Anyway the books I’ve read did not disappoint in the least.

As you’ve noticed, I read a little bit of everything as long as there’s some kind of romance in it. It gives a “YA/adult/fantasy/contemporary” feel  to followers. It’s maybe an odd mix but in life there’s diversity and differences among people. That’s what makes life interesting!

So let’s roll folks.


“Pure” Adult Reads

It’s been a heartwarming second chance romance with a hot rock star. I really did enjoy reading this one. If you want uncomplicated with a feeling of finding a long lost friend, this is your book.
Review here ->






Beth Flynn’s trilogy

Review here ->

Review here ->

Review here ->

This series is like none other MC books! The plot is unbelievable. I swore the author must have fried her brain  :-D She is also a really generous person and accepted to answer my interview. See below.

This book is a real masterpiece and Suanne Laqueur’s penmanship is extraordinary. She is able to give all the nuances and intricacies of human relationships. She proves nothing is black or white, even topics you’re certain are wrong or taboo. She is shaking your beliefs, moving you out of your comfort zone not with brute force but with feather touches here and there.
Review here ->




Shade’s Lady was a short novella was like eating ice cream: so good that you finish it in no time and leave on a high.
Review here ->






Jaimie Roberts did it again! Made me want to throw up in my mouth, disgusted and horrified by some passages I was reading and yet I was unable to stop reading. Not for the faint hearted!
Review here ->





The hardest to read in the series. Very good but fasten your seatbelt while reading many abuses! You’ve been warned 
Review here ->






YA contemporary and fantasy

The author broaches many difficult topics (alcoholism, death, family ties…) and she does not sugarcoat it. Neither does she trade in pathos. She just writes it like it is with fairness and finesse. I dare you to remain unaffected. I couldn’t.
Review here ->





This book was an unending well of emotions. The waterworks was going at full blast and I finished my read with a red nose and a huge smile. Yes, I’m sad but it’s the good kind of sad, the one that makes you feel alive after an incredible read, filled to the brim with so many thoughts and memories you want to shout: READ IT!
Review here ->




This book is not a pure YA as there’s some sex and swearing in it but it’s tamer than a real adult book. Let’s say it’s a hybrid that will tear your heart out and ask many tissues. I loved it and was deeply moved by this story.
Review here ->





By the end of the book I had puffy red eyes and a congested nose. As I read till the wee hours to finish the story I was sporting slits for eyes the morning after and yawning all the time at work. Jeff Zentner with his Goodbye Days opened my chest, tore my heart out and scattered the remaining pieces all around the floor.
Review here ->




Once again this is a “hybrid”: not a pure YA not a pure adult either. Frightening in its possibilities. It stole my breath away and left me on edge the whole time.
Review here ->





Short prequel written by an author I would like to be better known. And if Lucifer had excuses?
Review here ->






Once again a hybrid. With a YA feel but sex in the story so..
What happens when you’re barely 10% in the book on the morning train and that you have so much FUN that you can’t stop smiling like a goof? Well you just HAVE to send this message to the author: ” Hi Piper, I’ll be quick (on the train) I just wanted to say I’m so sorry we leave far from each other because I’d love to be your friend in “real life”. I bet we would have a great time because I LOVE the banter!!!”
Review here ->



Would I recommend this book? In a heartbeat if you’re looking for an original plot in Fantasy supported by a strong willed heroine and a whole bunch of side characters.
Review here ->








I’ve been very lucky this months. Two authors I admire enormously, very different from each other but both really generous in their answers agreed to answer all my questions.

If you’re curious, just read Amy Harmon’s interview here ->   and Beth Flynn’s interview here ->


Fun posts


I had a blast writing some “opinion pieces” about:

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Well add some meme and tags, release blitz and I now discover I’ve been a really busy bee!




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  1. SO many interviews! That’s awesome I always want to do more on my blog but never find the time xD You had an awesome reading month too although I haven’t read any of these books but goodbye days has been on my tbr for a while I might have to get the tissues and bump it up the list :)

    1. Well yes, it’s been a very busy month! I must confess it’s difficult to keep up but it’s so much fun :-)

  2. Glad that you had great reads last month.
    I can’t wait to read The Hard Truth About Sunshine. An Exaltation of Larks is my FAVORITE. I loved it. Glad that you loved it too. Nine Minutes series is WOW… I was speechless. I loved it so much. One of my favorite biker books. I didn’t enjoy Shade’s Lady as much as I hoped.
    Which one is your favorite? :-D

    1. Hi Geybie I have two favorites this month: An Exaltation or Larks and Goodbye Days. I loved the Nine Minute trilogy as well. Haaa it’s hard to choose only one! It’s like choosing your preferred kid ;-)