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Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer .

In my private life

First of all, let me say that I should be called The Lazy Blogger right now!

I don’t know if it’s being on holiday (at home) or being extra busy on Instagram or the aftermath of the lockdown but some days I don’t even blog! And I don’t feel guilt! Who am I and what have you done with Sophie???

Does this mean that I don’t talk books etc? Hell no, as I am very active on Instagram.

Maybe that’s like you have summer reads and I have summer social media???


Anyway this week was my first week of holiday and I stayed home.

That’s weird but nothing more to do this year.

That does not mean that nothing interesting happened as I saved a baby finch!

I was going for a long walk when I found this small baby bird that looked like a nearly teenage bird if that makes sense. A fledgling? He was on the pavement, eyes open but not moving much.

I looked above and around to see if I could spot a nest he could have fallen from (then I wouldn’t have touched him, not to put my scent on him in the hop that his mom would be back to save him) but nothing.

If I left the poor baby on the pavement he would either be eaten by a cat or crushed by a passing car.

So I took the bird in my hands, cradling him really, and went back home. That small bird was soon burying himself below my jacket, searching for body heat.

Once home, I called an organization specialised in protecting wild life. The nearest shelters were overflowing so I drove 50 km to the next one to give the little guy a chance to heal and grow.

We were welcomed in the woods with our masks. They had masks too even if we were in an open space.

We thought at first he was a sparrow but I was not convinced and after some search it was a baby finch.

I will phone in a few days and hope he’s well and healthy!


I also went back to the swimming pool! For the first time in four months!

You have to know that since I was 2 years old, I went twice a week to the pool! These last years, it was the pool of my fitness club to do some aquagym and aquaboxing. 

I missed it so much!

But when the pools reopened I phoned my fitness club and was not impressed by their safety measures! In the common changing room we would not wear a mask! And we would be 20 in a pool that’s about a third of a regular pool! Way too much to my taste.

I went to the public pool instead.

We had to book an hour and they only allow 30 people at the same time.

We have individual changing rooms that are booked for the duration of our visit so no one else goes into it and it’s cleaned before and after our arival. Same with the locker.

In the showers, they condemned one shower on two so we keep our distances.

They had six lanes in the pool and grouped them two by two.

In my two lanes we were only eight, plenty of room to avoid other swimmers. And someone was sanitizing around the pool all the time.

Add to this that we are swimming in chlore and nearly inhaling chlore (right Mr President 😀 ) I felt that the risk and odds were way better than at my club!

I have decided to go only once a week to really limit the risks yet enjoy some normality.


Last informations: you may have seen that my funko pop has finally reached Texas!!! See the post below.

Trisy had tagged me in her post on IG so someone messaged me to ask if I was ready to make something for her too! I guess one day I’ll really have to open a shop.

And I created a new funko pop, a summer funky witch inspired by the art of @thestorygift. The owner of the shop, Deema, loves it so much that she pleaded me to sell it to her.

I am not parting with my baby!!! 😀  But I promised to make a new one, the most exact replica that I can, and send it to the UK for her! I guess what I’ll be busy doing next week right?



On the blog (click on the graphic to read the post)

As I said, I’ve been super lazy and didn’t even post a review! Yet I have nearly four books waiting to be reviewed but two are buddy reads and I am waiting for my buddies to finish!

But I did begin a new series about my unicorn authors and why you should read them, also listing my favorite book of them!

Then I did the Top 10 Tuesday about my most read authors

And I explained how my Vishous Funko Pop finally arrived to Trisy @bobosbookbank in Texas after having lived an adventure.

On the blogosphere and in the literary world

Quiz: Epic reads asks : Which Superpowers Would You Give These Iconic YA Characters? Take the quiz HERE


I did blog hop this week and found these interesting posts for you!

Trisy  gives her side of the story on the Vishous Funko Pop



Marie talks about trigger warnings and why they matter!



Sofii explains what to do when in a reading slump


That was my week! How did your week go?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I hope that baby finch makes it. How awesome you saved him and even drove 50 km to bring him to that organization. That is nice you could go back to swimming again :). Sounds like that public swimming pool was the safer option indeed. Your summer witch funko looks great!

  2. Glad you found a way to get back to the pool! Sounds like they are doing much better with the distancing and safety measures than the gym.

  3. Well done on saving the bird, hoping it makes a quick recovery.

    Your instagram is lovely and I love your Funko Pops, I have had to restrict my Pop purchases I don’t have enough shelf space but they always tease me with something else I want.

    Have a good week.

  4. So glad you saved the bird and gave him a fighting chance! Really hope he’s doing well when you check on him this week. I don’t think the pool at our gym has opened for classes yet. You can reserve lanes to swim, but I think that’s all for now. Have a great week, Sophie!

  5. oh Sophie I feel the same way. I have hardly any energy any more. I think a lot of it has to do with everythiing going on and the lockdown is getting to the point for many where were are just existing and not really living or at least thats how I feel, I am fighting every day to keep my energy and will up. I just hope it gets better soon.

    Love your funk pops and hope you have a good week and get some blogging jive back!!

  6. Yay for saving the baby finch! I hope (s)he’s flying freely soon! I’m glad you got back in the pool. I can barely swim but for some reason I was thinking this week about how hard the closures must be for people who are used to regularly swimming. Almost any other activity can be adapted in some way but not that. Enjoy your week!

  7. Aw that’s awesome about the baby finch! Go you for doing that!! I hope the little thing does well. 🙂

    Glad they did such a good job with the public pool. And I think chlorine kills about anything. Haha actually I don’t know but it sounds good. 🙂 And we’ll call you AquaSophie from here on out haha!!

    Your Funkos are amazing!

  8. I’m really happy to hear you were lazy on your vacation or at least doing other things. I am glad you were able to go back to swimming. We haven’t chanced it even though I think they are doing a good job with cleaning. Everything is too open here.

  9. That’s great that you were finally able to get back to the pool. It sounds like they’re doing everything they can possibly do to make it safe for everyone. I’ve been a lazy blogger too. I haven’t even posted a Sunday update for the past few weeks because nothing is going on and I didn’t feel like taking the time to write a post that said nothing is going on, haha.

  10. Omg that beautiful little birdie! Unfortunately I had the opposite happen yesterday with a baby bird who I think has fallen from the nest, I instructed my son to watch it whilst I got a box but a magpie swooped down and took it. My son cried, it was horrible. I hope your little guy is doing OK. That witchie funko is amazing. Each time your astound me with your talent! I’m still thinking of what I can have, if you’re still willing that is!!! Hope you have a great week!

  11. Yay for being able to safely go to the pool! Things in the US are out of control. Florida had over 15,000 new cases yesterday. Its madness here! And you totally need to open up a custom funko shop!

  12. Blimey – I don’t call that lazy! Just busy doing other things. I hope the bird survives… and I’m glad you have managed to resume swimming safely. And I love your lovely little witch – so cute. You are so clever, Sophie:). I hope you have a good week.