Hi dear friends!

I already want to apologize to Shanah @bionicbookworm and all participants of Top 5 Tuesday first, for being late in posting this week and second, because you’ll have to wait some more hours before I’ll be able to visit and comment on your own unputdownable books!

It’s no secret that I don’t schedule many posts in general and well, yesterday I had a really awful migraine, the second in one week and was totally unable to post and blog hop!


I already had worked on the banner and as I am feeling better today (fingers crossed) I will share my unputdownable books with you!


Unputdownable means literally that you can’t put down.

Of course you are still physically able to put your book on a table or a chair or …but mentally you are so immersed into the story that you can’t or won’t stop reading!

When such events occur I have developped different techniques and honed my skills thrhoughout the years because, let’s face it: being a working mom you ALWAYS have someone (a colleague, your kids, your dog, your hubs) needing you!

So if you want to indulge into your reads because you JUST HAVE TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT I have the perfect excuses or hiding spots for you!

Excuses and techniques:

-I am really tired tonight and I will go to bed now (it’s only 8 PM but whatever you will go to bed not to sleep but to read but shhhh!);

-Sorry but tonight I can’t go party with you. I just have these awful cramps…

-Sorry but I have to go to the restroom because I feel so unwel…

Hide behind pillars on the gate while waiting for the train as you don’t want to speak to your colleagues or anyone on the train but just read!

-When you go back from grocery shopping or anything don’t enter the house but hide in the garden, behind a tree on the chaise lounge to read (I did this for Skyward);

Go with the dog for his walk and choose an extra long walk just to be able to listen to your audiobook;

-Go out in the park at lunchtime because you just want to read and avoid eating with colleagues;

Favorite hiding spots:

-the loo/restroom (because nobody enters with me …well dog aside);

-the garden (far far away behind a tree);

-the park;

-the car (stop 500 meters before house in a side alley and tell you had awful traffic or the train was late).


I hope these tips were useful for you!


Now let’s get into my unputdownable books!

I wanted to have a mix of oldest end new ones as I don’t want to come with always the same books.

These books I could not put down generally because they are filled with actions and plot twists that they don’t give me room to breathe or think! I am literally engrossed and need to finish them in one sitting.

Here is my list:



Have you read them? What are your own unputdownable reads? I promise to visit later today and tomorrow!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Ughh I hate migraines and know all about them. I have since moved away from them thank the lord. I only get on about 3 times a year and know how to reduce them and their triggers and stay away from them.


  2. A huge YES to Pestilence, LifeLike, and Skyward! I’ve read Inescapable a long time ago so I don’t remember much about the story and the characters but I do remember loving it. I’ve heard great things about Captured! I might give it a shot someday in the future.

  3. Haha, great list, and great tips!
    If i know a book will be hard to put down, i aim to read over the weekend, or whenever i have time during the day.
    No matter how much i try, i can’t stay awake late in the night… :/

  4. Sorry to hear you are suffering from migraines. Boo! I hope you are feeling better, though. It probably comes as no surprise to you, that I have not read any of these, but I loved that you shared your hiding spots with us.

    1. Thank you Sam! Fingers crossed that I have had my quota for the year by now! And you are most welcome LOL

  5. Grrr! Migraines are evil! Fingers crossed neither of us has to put up with another one for a while. 🙁

    I often sit in my car for a bit and read before heading home from work in the evenings, lol. I know if I go straight home, I won’t get to!

  6. Great choices! I remember reading The Darkest Minds a few years ago and not being able to put it down. I really need to continue with the rest of the series haha!

    1. What I find painful when stopping a series in its middle is that you forget everything and when you resume it it’s so painful!

  7. Sophie!! This is the best advice I’ve seen in my life!!
    “stop 500 meters before house in a side alley and tell you had awful traffic or the train was late”
    I LOVE IT!!!