In this sequel novella to Sorcery of Thorns, Elisabeth, Nathaniel, and Silas must unravel the magical trap keeping them inside Thorn Manor in time for their Midwinter Ball!

Elisabeth Scrivener is finally settling into her new life with sorcerer Nathaniel Thorn. Now that their demon companion Silas has returned, so has scrutiny from nosy reporters hungry for gossip about the city’s most powerful sorcerer and the librarian who stole his heart. But something strange is afoot at Thorn Manor: the estate’s wards, which are meant to keep their home safe, are acting up and forcibly trapping the Manor’s occupants inside. Surely it must be a coincidence that this happened just as Nathaniel and Elisabeth started getting closer to one another…

With no access to the outside world, Elisabeth, Nathaniel, and Silas – along with their new maid Mercy – will have to work together to discover the source of the magic behind the malfunctioning wards before they’re due to host the city’s Midwinter Ball. Not an easy task when the house is filled with unexpected secrets, and all Elisabeth can think about is kissing Nathaniel in peace. But when it becomes clear that the house, influenced by the magic of Nathaniel’s ancestors, requires a price for its obedience, Elisabeth and Nathaniel will have to lean on their connection like never before to set things right.

Review and Quotes

5 stars!

This is a novella and feels like a gift from Margaret to her readers!

It’s an extended epilogue or a slice of Elisabeth, Nathaniel and Silas ‘s life after Sorcery of Thorns ended.

The intrigue is simple: the wards at Thorn manor are acting out and trapping Elisabeth, Nathaniel, Silas and their new maid Mercy inside of Thorn Manor.

They all will look at fixing the wards and it will result in a quest of sort that Nathaniel will have to accomplish.

All that I want to say is that Margaret Rogerson stayed true to the characters! I found “my” Elisabeth, Nathaniel and Silas again! With the humor, the banter, the charm and the enthusiasm!

Also that favorite world of mine was back once again with fighting and talking grimoires!

And I took tons of quotes! So many for such a short book!

Proof of my love for that duology!

I will type them all below and hope it will have you want to read that series!

When Silas appeared carrying a rectangular bundle…

“I take it we aren’t still discussing gingerbread,” Nathaniel said. “Or are we? Is it one of those loavesshaped like a person, that’s enchanted to run around screaming in terror until you hack it up with a knife? Sorcerer tradition, “ he explainedto Mercy and Elisabeth who were looking at him in horror.

“There’s no need to thank me, Scrivener, “Nathaniel said from the floor. He was still peering into cracks in the baseboard, creeping along on his hands and knees. “I’ll get down on all fours for you whenever you like.”

Why I still adore that universe so much!

“No wonder the escaped grimoires were squabbling with each other. The older ones would disagree with the changes written down in the younger ones; the younger ones would chafe against antiquated opinions of their elders. The drawers weren’t just meant to organize them, but to keep them separated from each other. Sorted chronologically, they would be filed with other grimoires they liked, or at least wouldn’t try to rip apart.”

When Nathaniel explains why it’s always the male in a sorcerer’s family who inherit the demon.

“Not many. Male heirs nearly always inherit the family demon, which is ridiculous, I know. Given my mother’s skill at tricking Maximilian into eating his vegetables, I suspect she would have been far better at managing a demon than most men on the council.

When Mercy, their human servant explained she reached a truce with Silas.

“Mercy squared her shoulders. “Silas had a talk with me this morning about how he isn’t going to murder me and bury me in the back garden. He gave me his world as a gentleman.” “That’s oddly specific, “ Nathaniel remarked. “Elisabeth, remind me to never dig up the petunias.””

Why I adore Elisabeth and who she is as a character deep down…Nathaniel gave her a family armor and this is what happened…

“She wore the armor for the rest of the day. She clanked happily through the halls. She clanked cheerfully up and down the stairs. Relieving herself proved something if an inconvenience, but this, too, she mastered after some strategic unbuckling in the powder room. When night fell, she was tempted to see what sleeping in the armor would feel like, until Silas gave her a disapproving look and she submitted to its removal immediately.”

My favorite quote from the book!

“Not every story has a happy ending, but most do if you are brave enough to keep reading to the end.

Nathaniel, referring to a past situation:

“I wouldn’t say I collapsed. I was heroically recumbent. It’s a traditional vantage from which to make a romantic confession.”

And this one is so Katrien, Elisabeth librarian/scientist friend:

“Drawing near, Katrien said, “Tell Silas to warn me in advance the next time he delivers a mysterious package to the dormitory. Whenever I do that to someone, it’s booby-trapped. I nearly threw this dress out the window.”

I hope that with all these quotes I convinced you to read Sorcery of Thorns first and then this wonderful novella/extended epilogue Mysteries of Thorn Manor!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. This sounds like such a great read for you. I am sure fans of this author and this series will really love this novella! Its always fun to get an extension of the world we fall in love with.

    Great review!