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Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer .

As I didn’t post last Sunday (too busy having fun) I’ll cram two weeks in one today and I will give you my September wrap-up

In my private life

Well first, my work week has been truly crazy busy! Long days and training people while talking Dutch took its toll on me, hence very few posts this week!

In three weeks I’ll have a three weeks break and there are so many things to finish by then!


On the COVID front, it’s exploding in Belgium! 

My daughter messaged me this week, telling me she wouldn’t come back as the roommate of one of the few friends she is seeing for months had COVID. She did not want to put us at risk and went to get tested today.

She is in lockdown until Tuesday and will have to survive on what’s in her pantry till that time 😉 

I bet that within two weeks schools will be shut, universities too and fitness club as well …sigh.

The only positive fact maybe is that young people are infected right now (but of course it will jump generations) and they don’t seem to have very strong symptoms.

I am still homeworking and going out just for grocery shopping (wearing a mask), to my aquaboxing classes (without mask because in the pool so, that’s tricky and I try to keep my distances) or for long lonely walks.


On a positive note, I am back to being a rep for Beacon Book Box (yes!) and I made two new funko pops for one of you: Louise Leblanc and Reid Diggory!

They are now flying to the US and I will wait for them to land safely to their new owners before showing their pictures on the blog 😉 


On the blog (click ib the graphic to read the post)

In September I have read 10 books. Not a bad nor a great month quantity wise but some were very good reads!

Here are my favorites:

When You Come Back to me by Emma Scott is an MM romance that will have you in tears! Outstanding story but lots of angst so you’ve been warned! 5 stars


I discovered Katherine Center with What You Wish For and am now determined to read all her books! Things You Save in a Fire certainly did not disappoint me! 4,5 stars


I don’t read many historical romances but A Rogue of One’s Own by Evie Dunmore was really outstanding! Not only because of the characters and the romance but also because I learned tons about the suffragists movement! When people in the US wonder if they will go vote, I’d say of course! Because it was not always a right and women fought hard to have that right so don’t throw it away!


It took me a book club read on Instagram to read a book I wanted to try for a long time: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson. It was a smart and suspenseful book! I have already bought the sequel . 4,5 stars

 And my favorite this month is …..

The Extraordinaries by TJ Klune! 5 stars for that audiobook where the narrator goes all in! It seems that I am on a TJ Klune roll 😀  


Now this week, I posted about my third quarter update for the #AudiobookChallenge (I am killing that challenge LOL)

And we have another “Meet Your Next  ” challenge with other bloggers. This time it’s about enemies to lovers stories!


On the blogosphere and literary world


A quiz to know how far you’d go to save the ones you love! On Epic Reads.

Unfortunately my results are : ” You die alone, but your loved ones might survive.

You had the right intentions, but tragically made the wrong decisions. At least everyone you left behind will be fine. Probably.” Oops 


And if you want to know some of the most awaited YA in october …. https://www.epicreads.com/blog/most-anticipated-october-2020-ya-books/


That was my week! How was your week?

Thanks for reading.



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  1. We’ve had a positive case in our school but, because we’re in bubbles, only that bubble has to stay off rather than closing the whole school. Although we’ve all been saying an extra week at half term would be nice! Behaviour at my school has been pretty awful because most of them weren’t in for 4 months! All us staff are exhausted! One week to go then it’s half term!

  2. Sorry to hear you had a busy week!

    Cases are increases here as well and I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another lockdown or at least partly. Guess we’ll see what happens. I only go out for grocery shopping (with mask) or for walks and then i always keep plenty of distance from other people.

    I hope this week is a better one for you!

  3. A 3 week break sounds AMAZING! I’m so excited for you! Hugs to your daughter, here’s hoping she stays healthy, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her and that you can see her soon.♥

  4. Covid has sprawn in my area of canada too… in ithink 4 schools now across our province, but in two or three retirement special care homes too ‍♀️ We regressed a phase but not yet in full lockdown (we need three community transmition to hit it, which .. might not take long, all things considering.)

    Hopefully next week will be better! Xx

  5. Ugh, sorry to hear that COVID is on the rise there again. I hate that every time we think we are edging closer to normal, COVID is there waiting for us. I hear you on being crazy busy at work. Same here. I have several big deadlines coming up. I think the worst part about working from home is that there’s no one there to tell me it’s time to stop working. I keep going and going, then realize it’s late and I’m too tired to to do what I really want to do, which is read and blog.

  6. Oh no – so sorry to hear that your daughter is being tested and that COVID numbers of rising where you are, too… It seems to be the case in a lot of European countries. I hope work is less crazy in the coming week and you get a chance to tuck into your books. Take care, Sophie.

  7. Sorry to hear your cases are up, Sophie – hope your daughter is negative. Cases are on the rise here, also. I think people are just getting lax with the precautions.

  8. I’m sorry to hear cases are up there! And best wishes to your daughter, I hope her test is negative! This thing seems to go on and on which I guess is not surprising, but still frustrating. We’re a mess here obviously! Anyway be well this week- stay safe!!!

  9. Sorry to hear that cases are on the rise. And hopefully your daughter is okay. Cases are still out of control here. And now with flu season starting I can’t imagine what will happen. The hospitals will be inundated. 🙁

  10. Fingers crossed your daughter is clear! Sadly, it’s becoming ever more common what with Covid numbers rising rapidly at the moment… I’m wondering what our PM is going to drop on us today with the next round of “measures”. *cries*

    Congrats on the brand rep stuff! You are bossing Instagram so it’s very much deserved!

  11. You are so busy! I’m glad you are staying safe. I read that immunity to COVID after having it only lasts a couple months. With colder weather and more folks inside, I think infections will only increase. Good luck to your daughter. You’ve certainly read some really great books!

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  12. Hopefully your daughter will test negative and stay well Enjoy your books, and I also love Katherine Center’s books. I think I’ve read them all.

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. Dang, that’s scary news for your daughter. Let’s hope her teat results are negative, and just has to do quarantine. I’m sure you are worried, but like you said, the youngsters at least seem to be getting just mild symptoms (mostly). Fingers crossed. And it’s the same here. Huge numbers, but small numbers of hospitalization and a handful of deaths. I just hope it stays that way. Hugs to you and your family!

  14. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s roommate. That’ scary. I live in a state with indoor and outdoor mask mandate, shops at 25% capacity, and most school 100% remote — cases are rising. This virus is insidious and you will never get 100% compliance from all people. I choose to make good choices for myself. That’s all we can do.

  15. Wow 10 books is amazing. I’m in a slump (insert tears here!)

    Covid is on the rise here too and we find out tomorrow what the new restrictions are but we have been told schools will be the last to close (which makes me twitchy). I live in the South and we haven’t been hit as hard as Northern England but cases have still risen. I went out today to look at some Halloween deccies in the shops (my son loves it!) but masks are mandatory here so felt sort of safe. Its scary times again and with winter coming I hope ot doesn’t get out of control.