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Topic: Petty Reasons You’ve DNF’d a Book.

I never hesitate to DNF reading a book because life is too short to read something I don’t like!

The reasons why I don’t finish a book can be petty or not! Usually I DNF pretty early on as a book has to grab my attention early on, if not right from the start!

OK let’s get to the reasons.

  1. CHEATING. I can’t stand cheating, pure and simple, except if a villainous side character is cheated on, then I’ll rejoice!
  2. ADDICTION. Again, except if it’s a villain who is addicted, I really struggle with main characters being addicted to drugs or alcohol because it reminds me of bad memories when I was a kid and a teen.
  3. DEGRADING or debasing the female (or male) main character. I don’t speak of consensual BDSM but non consensual abuse.
  4. LACK OF EDITING. I am talking about lots of mistakes that grate on my nerves! It’s disrespectful for the reader.
  5. INCONSISTENCIES. I can’t help it, my brain is very logical and if I spot more than one inconsistency, it drives me mad! One day the main character had green eyes and the day after they were brown!
  6. SEX AS THE MAIN COURSE. If the book is not marketed as erotica and I realise there is so much sex that the story is non existent, I will stop! I don’t mind sex but as a side dish please.
  7. FLAT/ONE DIMENSIONAL CHARACTERS. If I can’t walk in a character’s shoes, if I don’t feel anything for him/her because he is as exciting as making taxes on a Sunday, I will stop reading.
  8. UNNECESSARY DRAMA that could be solved with communication. That one makes me want to hurl my book against the walls! I don’t like a lot of angst either! I just want to yell “Talk to each other!”.
  9. WHINY MAIN CHARACTERS. You are allowed to whine but please not all the time or it’s just unpleasant!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Whyny main characters and bad editing are at the top of my list too! (and right after that sex as the main course when differently marketed!).
    I also hate when characters have siblings that are an hindrance (mostly it happens between sisters, but it’s not a given, when the older one sacrifice herself and her happiness time and again for the sister(s), especially when the sister is pampered and spoiled.)

  2. oh I absolutely hate this miscommunication trope, it gets on my nerves EVEN when it’s done well. and that thing about smut—it’s only good for books marked as purely romance. and addiction is REALLY annoying when it doesn’t have an end: i love it when it’s a way to get the character to develop though!

  3. Though many of the things you mentioned would irritate me, I could forgive most if the story is good enough. I have an editing peeve, and it’s where I feel the book needs trimming. Making me read pages and pagers that don’t push the story or plot forward is wasting my time.