It Ain't Me, Babe (Hades Hangmen, #1)It Ain’t Me, Babe by Tillie Cole
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Sin, sex, bike and salvation. Welcome to Mae and Styx world!


I’m a big fan of Tillie Cole’s work. I loved her other three books, the humor, the banter and glittery sidekick. Cherry on top: hot strong alpha male character (each time I’m a gonner …).


Well It Ain’t Me babe is really different but still very, very good.
It’s deep, violent, sometimes awful with atrocities commited within the sect (rape of children). But above all else is the desperate need of a boy/man to find and protect his girl. Strong alpha male here I come!


Mae (Salome) has only known a reclusive life in the midst of Prophet David’s sect. Under pretense of saving the world and atoning for women’s sins, the elders use and abuse women. The most beautiful are no better than sex slaves since childhood.

When Mae meets River (Styx) she is eight and has been deeply shocked by what’s been done to her. It all happens in that moment, when two opposite worlds collide. And she fall hard for the mute biker boy.
Fifteen years later, she escapes the commune in tragical circomstances. Dying and unconscious, she is saved by Styx aka River. Styx is now the Hangmen’s President an outlaw MC. Hot as Hell and merciless, he has sinned in many ways all his violent life and knows no other way to live. Feared by all, the Hangmen Mute is putty in Mae’s hands. She is the girl with the Wolf’s Eyes, never forgotten, his impossible dream. All muscles, tatoos and testosterone, Styx is ready to kill anyone threatening Mae.


But here comes the crux: how could a girl like Mae fit in his world? Mae is like an innocent newborn child in so many ways. She does not know what a TV or a bike is and has sex slave conditioning. Torn, Styx does not want to taint her but is desperate to be with her.


Mae is beautiful and pure. She has always bend in her life until running away but she has an impressive inner strenght. Wanted by all for her beauty, she is determined to fit in Styx world and become his old Lady.


From then on, many difficulties, conspiracies, twist and turn await the reader. Enjoy the ride!

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