My teenage daughter came back home days ago. She was appalled.

“Mom can you believe it, only three kids in my class read books! How is it possible not to read books???”.

I was a VERY proud mom. I must have done something right by her.


Whys is reading so important?

What are non –readers missing?

Why do YOU read?



1.Reading is knowing.


And knowledge is power…


First you can read books to learn. Be it about a new hobby like “the art of photography” because you want to make kickass bookstagrams (me right now) or because you have to feed yourself. Yes before looking for a recipe on the web you could always try the old fashioned way and open a cook book.



You have books about anything:” How to Lose 20 Pounds in Two Days” (I would not give much credit to this one); “101 Handguide to Seduce Your Next Hotshot Billionaire” (might be interesting because my book budget is rather depleted right now);  “How I got my fake boobs and butt” (should be written of course by none other than Kim K);  “The Art of Readwalking in 10 days” (that will be my first published book)  …


Now, no need to read pure non fictional books to learn. Fiction does also wonder to enrich your knowledge.

I learned a great deal about prehistory reading Jean.M. Auel  “Earth’s Childrens” series. It took her 20 years to complete the series but try it it’s really, really enlightening.

I know nearly all about cathedral building courtesy or Mr Ken Follet and his “Pillars of the Earth” followed by “A world without end”.

Also by Ken Follet his series “The Fall of the Giants” is extremely interesting and captivating, covering WWI then WWII plus Vietnam war.

Recently “From Sand and Ashes” by Amy Harmon revealed how nuns and priests in Italy hid countless Jews during WWII saving them in the process.


On a spicier tone reading is also great for your skills between the sheets. You want to become a sex goddess and impress your boyfriend? Or you’ve never “done it” but don’t dare ask questions to your friends? Just read some good hot books! I remember reading somewhere that a seventy year old man thanked E.L. James for writing FSOG because his wife had never been so motivated!


I could go on and on.


2.Reading is a great outlet


You’ve had a very bad day? The kind of day where you’ve found your boyfriend kissing a girl on the street then have been drowned in water by a passing car just before THE business meeting of your life? To top it all your landlord’s cat just attacked your new curtains leaving only shreds?

Well don’t worry Mama Sophie has the cure for all: read “The Virgin Romance Novelist” or “Mack Kenzie Fire” or any Sophie Kinsella’s books. You will laugh out loud saving your day.


You need a good ugly cry? The one to leave you exhausted but cleansed?

stitch crying photo: Crying CryingStitch_zpsb2e00c01.gif

Try “Forbidden” by Tabitha Suzuma or “A Thousand Boy Kisses” by Tillie Cole or “OneDay Soon” by Meredith A Walters or… huge perk: a book will NEVER ask that dumb question: “But why are your reading something that makes you cry”? It will also never bat an eye (of course) at your puffy red eyes when you’ll have cried for hours.


Added bonus: you can shout at your book, rant, go all crazy it will never shout back. Just avoid throwing your Ereader against a wall or prepare for “Readus Interruptus”.


I tell you, books are better than Prozac. Shrinks should prescribe a good funny read to their depressed patients. Just a warning: it may be cheaper short term but not long term if you become addicted to books. Addiction is their main side effect.



3.Reading makes for great conversations and even greater friends


Reading a book in a public space is nearly the same as walking your dog or your sister’s kid. It’s a great conversation starter.


Don’t you ever try to discreetly look at the cover of you fellow commuters? Or try to guess what that cute guy seating next to you at Starbuck is reading? No? I do it all the time. Or people ask me about my read. You begin chatting with strangers passionate about reading and get to learn about new books, new authors and possibly make new friends.


You can also become member of a reading club or find your next best friend on Goodreads because you have just the same tastes in books. With some luck you’ll even go visit them in their country and it will make for incredible memories.


Who said reading is not a social activity?



4.Reading rhymes with immortality and countless hectic and passionate lives


These past weeks only, I’ve been the chief of ER (Untouchable by Isabel Love); a teenage writer stricken with grief (Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner); a warrior princess fighting to regain her kingdom (A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi); a runaway bride turned waitress sleeping with hot reformed rockstar (Dirty by Kylie Scott); a Domme soon to be Queen of a little kingdom (Arranged by Lexi Blake) …


And that’s only the beginning!


You’re bored with your own life? Just live vicariously through books and become who you want and do as you want!



5.Reading grants me the patience of a Saint when delayed


Many years ago if my bus was delayed I morphed into a real monster. Steam coming out of my ears and lips peeling back from my teeth. Now that I own a Kindle I always have many books at hand and I have the patience of a Saint. The doctor is delayed? All the better for me as I can read some more! There is a body on the track and the train won’t start before three hours? Well it’s obviously really sad and awful for the deceased family but I don’t complain anymore.


6.Reading gives you companionship and countenance.


If you don’t have a boyfriend, try book boyfriends. They come with lots of benefits:

-no cheating;

-no leaving hair in the shower or dirty socks on the floor;

-no complaining about your last shopping spree;

-always listening and never interrupting;

-you’ll always get to choose the TV program and can avoid sports nights;

-they don’t become fat drinking too much beer.

Now of course you can try to cuddle with your book you won’t get much warm but that’s you being picky really!

I call dibbs on Ehd from Transcendence; Archer from Archer’s Voice; Remy from Real and Mason from Fallen Crest. Sorry girls, they’re MINE!!!


If you’re eating alone at a restaurant or waiting alone at the train station and are on the shy side reading gives you countenance. Better than smoking.


As you can see there are many reasons why reading books should be mandatory and libraries should get more public funds.


What are your reasons to read?  I would love to hear about them!



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    You nailed it! I read for most of these reasons too! Especially the “read while waiting for your train part”. Ugh, I’m actually a short-tempered person and it doesn’t take much for me to scrunch up my nose and sigh loudly every 2 minutes that I get delayed. But with a book by my side, I don’t care at all!

    I have incidents that happened to me for all these points but I don’t want to spam your comments section with my stories haha! Awesome post!❤️

  2. Ahahah, I laughed so hard at this post because it’s all so true. And it’s also kinda sad to see how people can live without reading. I’m always recommending books to my friends while knowing they won’t ever read them.
    And yes! I now love it when I get stuck in traffic on the bus or waiting for someone. No problem here *whips out kindle app*

    So much love for this post, but we’re gonna have words about Archer. You can keep the other ones bur mr Hale is mine

    1. I don’t know if we can be friend anymore Talia because Archer is MINE! LOL Thanks for the comment 🙂