Today is Sunday time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week . I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly@caffeinatedreviewer . 

In my private life

What a week!

We all know that what’s happening in Ukraine is stressing me out a lot but it seems that my stress level worsened with family news!

It all began one week ago when my mother phoned me frantic. He energy bill had risen so much that she had to pay an added 2000 EUR for the past year and her monthly payments will double!

She is a widow and has only her retirement allowance to live on!

Followed a whole week of her phoning me every day, understandably so, and me helping her find a new provider with a better price.

Also explaining why she had to close her doors inside her house (she didn’t close a single door, except of coures her front door)! Result: a ginormous energy consumption! Double than our own family of four!

Then I went to clean her heaters, create her online account to the new provider etc.

She was apologizing profusely for disturbing us so often but…she will soon be 82 and does plenty by herself! So of course I can help here.

Then , on Wednesday, Beware of the Husband came dragging me out of the house with my camera to rush to his mom. His mom had phoned that a car took fire on her doorstep and her front door was destroyed, melted by the fire, her windows broken and that the firemen where visiting her attic to check if the fire was not in her roof too!

She was frantic too, so anguished that she had to take some relaxing medicine. She too is a widow.

Luckily when we arrived we could see that the inside of the house was not damaged and the roof was intact.
But her front door had melted, her windows were indeed cracked and there was soot on her facade.
The car was just a carcass, like you see in cities that have been bombed and cars burned. Even the steering wheel had melted! The tires exploded! And the asphalt beneath the car was melted too.

I took plenty of pictures for her to send to her insurance company.

As you can see, my life has not been a smooth ride these last days!


As I want to end this part on a bright side, I’d love to write about a fabulous movie that I went to watch with my friend last Sunday: Belle by Mamoru Hosoda and Studio Chizu .
We don’t usually go watch animes my friend and I but when she told me it was a retelling of Beauty and the Beast I was all in!

That movie was an excellent surprise!

It was beautiful (the art in the World of U is gorgeous) it was cheesy (very “anime like” with scenes where a boy loves a girl and his face is red, staying for three sconds on that picture). It was smart, talking about digital world, social media. It was moving, touching topics like grief and abuse. And the music was amazing!
At some point I was crying behind my mask, mocking myself for crying for an anime! But my friend confessed doing the same as we both have lost our dads.

Here is one trailer.

Other light news, I have two reels for you.

One is simply the unboxing of my Fairyloot but I wanted to up my game and change the background etc, placing myself in a magical universe, akin to the book’s. I still have room for improvement but I am still pleased with myself!

And the second reel is one where I give you all that auto correct had me to type … booknerd style. Enjoy!

Blog wrap up for February

In February I have read 9 books. Not my best month but not my worst either with some of them being huge like House of Sky and Breath!

I have two winners and both are historical fiction!
One is The Unknown Beloved by Amy Harmon but my review will be published closer to the publishing date.

The other is Ruta Sepety “I Must Betray You”.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. How stressful! I’m glad you were able to help your mom find a cheaper company for her energy. Your poor mother-in-law too. That’s just awful. I really hope insurance covers all of the damage and repairs. I hope this week is a better one for you and for you family, Sophie.

  2. What a week you had, Sophie! So glad your MIL wasn’t injured or her home damaged even worse. Hope your mom gets things settled. Wishing you a calmer week!

  3. A week cursed by emergencies, indeed! The good thing is that no one was hurt and any problems can be taken care of, but I can imagine your levels of stress going through the roof! Here’s to a very quiet, delightfully *boring* week! 😉

  4. Oh what the.. How did the car got in fire- like did it ran into the house or- ?? I’m having a bit of a problem understanding how did this even happen poor her, what a fright! Nobody is truly prepared to have such a thing happen, that’s for sure. Good that the rest of the house was good, however!

    Wishing a calm and peaceful week to all of yous ! xx

  5. I’m so sorry about both your mother and mother-in-laws struggles this week! I can’t imagine the stress of an exponentially rising energy cost on a fixed income. And watching a car burn in front of your house and being helpless to stop the damage is terrible! Hopefully this week is calmer!

  6. That is cRAZY about the fire! Wow glad she wasn’t hurt. The door though… yeesh. And the energy bill too. you have had quite the week!

    Nice job on the reels!

  7. Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry for both of your moms and so glad they have you guys to help! I know my mom struggles with needing help too but of course we want to help them when we can. I hope everything can get resolved quickly with the damage too.

  8. Your poor mom’s! Unexpected bills can be hard on a fixed pension, I’m glad you were able to find your mom a better rate. Will your M-I-L have to move out while repairs are done on her home?

  9. Wow, what a crazy week you had! With both mothers having a crisis. At least you were there to help! Hope thos week is less dramatic