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Happy Sunday!

I am back from Paris and ready to talk about it πŸ™‚ .

There was no Sunday Post last week as I was in Paris with my mom for the weekend. The main goal was to attend the Romance Authors and Readers Event RARE but of course we had to go one day early and leave on Sunday to enjoy Paris!

On Friday, after the Eurostar, we arrived at the hotel and we were very pleasantly surprised with our accomodations! We had view on the garden, the street was quiet, the staff very friendly and our rooms extremely clean with everything we could wish for!

Off we went to visit my favorite museum in Paris the Museum Orsay! You will find some pictures below of fabulous sculptures and paintings.

My mom being a former art teacher we had a great time admiring all the art!

That first successful day was concluded by a simple but delicious meal at a local bistro.

On Saturday, I had to wake up early to attend RARE as a volunteer and I was on my feet from 8 AM till past 5 PM, with 30 minutes for lunch at 2;45 PM!

Assisting Penelope Douglas was very busy, just how I like it!

She came with her daughter and we were both busy all the time assisting Penelope so that she could meet the 500 people who came to see her!

With the different books/objects she signed, I think she must have signed about 2000 books/object in a day! She was a queen really, very pro!

Before the doors opened, I also helped Olivia Wildenstein setting up her booth and all her preorders. I was glad to meet her in person as I chatted with her through messages but we never met in real life! She is extremely lovely!

And as we had about 2 hours to visit authors before beginning our shift as volunteer, I looked for Pipper Lawson! I read her books when she was a brand new author and had chatted with her, telling her how I loved the humor in her stories. Beginning with an author is something special, especially when you see that many years later they sell lots of copies and are growing! She recognized me even before that I could utter a word and gave me a big hug!!!!

Pipper told me that she was following me on Instagram and was so happy to meet me! That was my feeling exactly! I was so stoked! She is extremely lovely and I can’t wait to read the copy of Enemies she gifted me that day!

I also met Amanda Bouchet, chatting with her son while waiting for her to be free and telling her that I hadn’t read her books yet and what book would she recommend to me? She was so friendly too and I can’t wait to read her books now!

I also got to meet with Gi, a friend I had never seen but chatted with on Goodreads. She gave me the warmest hug!

What was also very interesting and funny was having my lunch with Penelope Douglas, Willow Winters and her husband as well another author! We chatted books, movies made from books, what it was to write sex scenes and have the family read them…it was relaxed and fun!

On our last day, we visited Montmartre, the SacrΓ© Coeur, climbing all the stairs to the church with my 84 years old mom and meeting an old Parisian man who told us stories about bees in Paris, art therapy and giving us things to go see that tourists don’t know!

Last stop was the Montmartre cemetery with its gorgeous graves, some being as old as 1772!

We had an amazing time, tested all public transportations with trains and buses and came back home tired but elated!

And as usual, I am leaving you with some funny reels I made on Instagram! Enjoy!

In this one I am making a parody of beauty influencer but know that I respect what they do and couldn’t do it myself!

On the blog these past two weeks click on the graphic to read the post)

As I have already written a long post about my visit to Paris, I will only leave you with my two favorite books read these last two weeks!

Empire of the Damned is a helluvah of a sequel! I am in awe with Jay Kristoff’s talent and I can’t wait to read more aboute Gabriel de Leon’s adventures!

I was afraid to read The Women by Kristin Hannah as her last book left me depressed but I am so happy I took a chance on it!

That’s it! Now I will catch up with you all!


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  1. It sounded like you had a great time at Romance Authors and Readers Event and visiting Paris, Sophie! What a wonderful experience! Have a terrific week!

  2. How exciting! Musee de Orsay was my favorite in Paris. I’ve read a bunch of Amanda Bouchet and was lucky to meet her at RT in 2017. Thanks for sharing about your great trip!

    Anne – Books of My Heart

  3. Wow! Sounds like you and mom had an amazing trip, and what an experience! I actually read a YA from Olivia Wildenstein a few years ago. Thank you for sharing all the pictures.

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome visit to Paris and attending the event. That’s so awesome you got to volunteer for the event and got to meet some authors and a reader friend.