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It’s Sunday time to chat about what happened this week on the blog and in my private life! As usual I am linking up to The Sunday Post at @caffeinatedreviewer and kindly hosted by Kimberly!

In my private life first

Well the week before I had the flu while on holiday. I went back to work on Monday as we had a team building. Working a half day then restaurant and bowling in the afternoon.

All my colleagues asked me if every work day could be like that one (I am their boss and would love it but …).

We had a blast and I could check that I was as useless at bowling as I was when I was in my twenties! Flat out beaten and last one. As I don’t have single competitive bone  in my body when I know the battle is useless, I laughed my ass off and cheered for my colleagues.

No need to be a sore loser the goal was team spirit and having a great time.

I just told them I was lucky they did not choose their boss based on bowling talent 😀 


Then the night after I coughed all night long. Not ten minutes respite!

It was back to the doctor on Tuesday and I had to stay indoor till Saturday morning. She also gave me super strong medicine to stop the cough and it helped like a breeze.

I do poorly indoor for a long time as I have too much energy and I did some yoga thanks to youtube tutorials.

I hope tomorrow to be back at work for good!


Now about the plagiarsim and rant …

If you go read my Thursday discussion (link below) you’ll see that I was really mad when I realized that people were bashing Jojo Moyes based on an article published on Buzfeed. I don’t know if there is plagiarsim or not (I have doubt but …) but what irks me is people reacting only on gossips! I will never tolerate bashing others even less if you don’t have all the facts!

The bright side of this is that I will read the other novel people are claiming Jojo Moyes copied on as well as a third one written this year on that same topic. Because I want facts and I want to make up my own mind!


On the blog

I published three reviews this week and you’ll find one more later today! I will probably have three or four reviews next week as well! Being ill does wonder for my reading challenge. My favorites were Jojo Moyes and Emma Scott’s.



On our Top 5 Tuesday the topic was about books I’d rewrite and I had a blast explaining what and why I’d rewrite it!

As introduced above, find my heated discussion about plagiarism related to Jojo Moyes gorgeous story.

And if you need a reminder, I officially announced my #Blogmas2019 with 31 days of fun next month! If you want to join for all or part of it use the hashtag #Blogmas2019 and I’ll do my best to visit, like , comment and love! 😀 

And last but not least, you can still enter Emma Scott’s giveaway till tomorrow 2 PM EST! She is giving away a signed copy of Someday, Someday (gorgeous) and one of my friends and I joined forces to offer 7 ebooks!!!

In the blogosphere and literary world

A quizz to celebrate The Queen of Nothing’s release! See if you rather are like Jude or like Taryn Duarte! I am more like Jude it seems ….

No blog post to share this week as I have been unwell, sorry guys!

That’s it! How was your week? I know I still have comments to reply to and I’ll do it today and tomorrow as I have still some blogmas to schedule 😉

Thanks for reading!



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  1. I hope you are feeling 100% better by now and will be able to be back out of doors and back at work! Ahahah I am terrible at bowling too, so you are not the only one 😛 At least it was a lot of fun with friends!

  2. I hope you will be better soon. You are right. Plagiarism is awful and we should only discuss it if we have all facts. To judge someone only because of some bad gossip is pointless and shows no good manners either. If I don´t have all the real facts, I have to stay out of a discussion. Happy reading and have a great week.

  3. I’m an awful bowler too lol! I think I’ve broken 100 once, but that was in my 20s and we were all drinking so it was a Christmas miracle I did that good . I hope your cough goes away asap, hugs!

  4. Hey Sweetie, hope you’re getting better by the time you read this. Tough that you’re still fighting off the flu! Take care of you.

    And the plagiarism scandal doesn’t look like it’s gong away any time soon while people continue to comment and tweet without know all the facts in the situation, and what truly happened, or didn’t.

  5. Haha, I probably haven’t bowled in nearly 10 years, I’m sure I’d be terrible at it too now. And I have to go read up on this Jojo Moyes matter. I agree that people should be proactive in getting all the facts before jumping to conclusions purely based on secondhand knowledge, it’s the only responsible thing to do!

  6. Sorry to hear you are still unwell. Let’s hope this is the last of it. I am terrible at bowling, but I do enjoy it. Glad your team had a fun outing.

  7. I love bowling haha but haven’t done it in ages. Funny story- I was bowling once and you know how the lanes are slippery? I released the ball and turned around to come back and promptly slipped and went flying, landing on my backside. My sister who was there got a good laugh out of it, but most of the people around us pretended they didn’t see, so bless their hearts lol.

    Anyway… The Guinever Decep looks good.

  8. I don’t bowl that often but I’m either really good or really bad when I do it, lol! Last time I bowled I did really good.

    I read your discussion post, and it seems like it would be impossible for JoJo to have copied when the release dates were so close. I look forward to your comparison.

    The coughing is always the last to go when you have the cold virus. I’m still coughing, but not as bad as you. Hope you feel better, Sophie! 🙂

  9. People like bashing others. I bet jojo moyes won’t let this ‘one thing’ define her. She’ll rise up! I believe that-I really do. I very much was inspired by a movie based on her novel and I think she’s doing great work and doing her best and people will see that.

  10. I hope you’ll feel better soon! And s for the Jojo matter, I read the article with the comparisons between them and it does make me suspicious. However I gathered that it’s not the author’s to blame here, but their publishing house that probably did that and didn’t protect any of them.