Hi dear friends!

It’s Sunday again and that means that the time has come to look into the rearview mirror and chat about my week out and on the blog!

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What happened this week in real life?

Well I gave a training on Tuesday and ended up sick till Wednesday evening! Sick is a big word as I am never (or very rarely) sick but I had a killer headache, clogged nose and throat pain for about 36 hours. I suspect the AC!

And that makes me worried for next week as I’ll be away from home from Monday to Friday evening!

I am grateful to follow a training as it seems really promising and interesting but I HATE not going back home on the evening.

Where most people are happy to go to the restaurant in the morning, lunch and in the evening even if they don’t have a say in the food I just dread it! I can’t eat fat due to a mild condition to my liver and it makes going to the restaurant tricky if I can’t choose my food. If I can choose no problem but that won’t be the case an I hope I won’t end up ill…

My other problem is the AC.

Since working in big buildings with AC I often get headaches and here we’ll be in a bus (with AC) and in hotels (with AC) with very little time to go outside.

And last but not least I am totally not a people person by the end of a workday!

I just want to be left alone and read, blog, etc.


Not go with a buyant big group of colleagues to the restaurant till past 10 PM!

No Sire, not that girl.

So to make it short I love being trained but I wish I could go back home every evening.


A sad news or rather disappointing news this week for my son.


He has dreamt of joining the army since he was a little boy. Last year, at the end of high school he applied but did not get in as he had asthma when running. This year he’s followed another cursus and planned to apply again.

He will soon turn twenty and when I asked him repeatedly to please contact the army and ask to take the exams he always told me “Mom! I am an adult! Let me! I know what I am doing!”.

The last day to apply was April 30th so of course he phoned the army on April 29th (plenty of time left right?). And that’s when he learned that due to his condition last year he could only apply again ….in 2020! They need two years to have a clean health slate!

Down went his dream!

A friend of mine highly ranked in the army told him to contact them the day after and contest. Try to push as we need people in the army.

That’s when my son explained to me that he was shy, did not feel at ease to push like that and that maybe one more year working in another job would be good to improve his self esteem and self confidence.

I was floored!

His speech was always “I am an adult, let me be!” and he was adamant for months but deep down inside he is still young and afraid to begin the adult life…


Now on a positive note, they announced the authors line up for YALC London!!!!

And I’ve just spent over 100 EUR to order some books to get signed by some attending authors!


The biggest names are V.E. Schwab and Renee Ahdieh.YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!


Just a last word: next week I’ll do my best to interact with you but I fear that with the business program we will have it will be really complicated! I scheduled some posts and discussion but I promise to get back to you next weekend if I am not able during the week.


On the blog this week (click on the graphic to read the post)

With the candle adventure and the training that I gave on Tuesday plus being sick on Wednesday I did not review many books….

But the book I reviewed was AWESOME! I am now a fan of Brandon Sanderson, especially of his YA books. Skyward was a 6 stars!

In the Top 5 Tuesday I talked about the sequels that I can’t wait to have in my greedy hands! Of course I had to go with some humor first as to why and when we need to read a sequel!

I am warming up to the “Can’t Wait Wednesday” and chose this week a book by Amy Harmon!

Then my discussion post of the week was all about YA stories! The “do and don’t” or rather what I don’t want to find in YA stories and what I really love to read about in these books.

Don’t forget to enter my Giveaway! As I will be away next week I opted out of an ebook and chose to have a PAPERBACK giveaway with a mix of romance and YA!

On the blogosphere this week

I am so sorry as I was busy or sick I did not have much time blog hopping but I am so not forgetting to give you some quizz or fun post from the book world!

EpicReads invites you to find what your book to read will be this month based on your horoscope!

And as I love gorgeous covers and am always fascinated by graphic designers and their art, I’m posting about the work behind the making of a cover!

That’s it for this week!

I hope you’ll read my scheduled posts next week and will be indulgent if I am slow to answer back and like!

Now do tell me: how was your week?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. My daughter graduates high school next month (June) and she is completely scared to Adult. LOL, I know, we have all been there but I am giving a gentle push here and there. She starts community college in the fall. It’s hard being an adult as you know. He will get there just like my daughter!


    1. I’ve spent 20 years in the army and wished I had better options at the time of enlisting. You get very soon tired of the uniform and it’s definitively not an environment for shy people. If you want to pursue an officer’s career, think of your training as getting some college degree while attending a boot camp. And WHEN you graduate, they’ll send you out to clean up the mess the diplomats couldn’t fix. A second lieutenant lasts on the average for about 6 (six) minutes in battlefield time. The survivors get promoted. The higher you rise, the higher your survival rate gets. Generals almost never get killed on the battlefield. After ten years and two tours in a war zone, you’ve seen it all and are struggling with a severe case of burn out. But what are your options? What are your skills? So you do 10 years more till you can retire. And only then, at the age of about 40, you can finally start living. If you’re still alive by then, didn’t lose your limbs and are not suffering of some mental disorder.

  2. I’m sorry that you’ve had such a pants week, health wise. I hope this coming week away is better.
    I can tell you’re excited at YALC . I’ve haven’t been to a book convention yet but I’d probably do the same as you and have to spend money buying paperbacks; all of my books for the last few years have either been Kindle or audio! Lol! x

    1. Well Flora I used to buy ebook only but since I opened an IG account I can’t stop to buy the “real” deal as I am helpless at making my phone look good with a book on it LOL

  3. Be safe while you’re away and hope you don’t end up with another whopping headache or worse, tummy troubles from restaurant food. I’m like you, I have to be super careful what I eat these days. So I understand what it’s like. And big crowds and being nice to people after a long day? Not my thing either.

    Hang in there, and try to get 8 hours of sleep. ;-)

    1. Thank you Alexandra! Now the 8 hours sleep… I am running on 6 to answer the comments

  4. I’m so sorry you’ve been ill. Good luck with training. I hope you end up having a great time, even though not going home in the evening is something you dislike – I also don’t like staying away from home because cats need to be hugged. =P I hope everything works well for your son. *fingers crossed*

    Happy readings!
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

  5. It does sound like the extra time might be good for your son. Mine needed it before he jumped into the work force. I hope the trip isn’t too bad and you can enjoy some if it:)

  6. Ugh! I just left a long, rambling comment and when I clicked “post comment” the internet ate it. Gah! Anyway, basically I was just saying that I hope the week away goes smoothly. And that maybe the extra will will indeed do some good for your son. And now I’m off to rant and rave that my wonderful comment was lost.

    1. Bwahahaha sorry Tanya! This happens to me too and it is so disheartening ! Thank you so much!

  7. I have Celiac’s disease so eating out is a nightmare for me. I understand exactly how you feel. Also, after being around people all day, I need to be alone. And, I HATE not being in my own home. Hopefully the week goes quickly!

    1. Ha Samantha it seems us book lovers are not the going out and people person type! And thank you!

  8. Good luck with the training! I often find I get a sore throat or feel under the weather when traveling, since hotels in general and lots of germs and even the AC being cranked in those places sometimes! Same with conventions…

    I feel for your son, it can be hard to make that transition to adulthood and people need to go at their own pace sometimes. Wishing him best of luck as her works out what he wants to do!

    Horoscope recommendations? Sold hahahahaha

  9. I’m glad you are feeling better and wish you luck on the trip. I always take antihistamines at night when traveling in addition to my regular allergy pills because of different dust, mold and pollens in a new place. I’ve had good luck with doing it. I’m with you on needing time to myself. I often end up staying up late with that kind of schedule just to have time to myself; I find it more important than sleep. But I love the group time also, usually. Have a great trip! I just bought Skyward. It was the Audible daily deal this week.

    Here is my Sunday Post   

    1. Thank you Anne and yes I saw that you bought Skyward! Now I am all nervous as I pushed that book so much!!!

  10. I hope you have a good time and it isn’t too bad. I totally understand the food thing. I’m allergic to milk products so going to a restaurant is scary for me. You never know when they put butter, milk, cream etc in something. The fear is real ;) I’ll have my fingers crossed you stay healthy.

  11. I do so hope you don’t suffer as I did during this training week. I did this several years ago with the bank I was working for and I got food poisoning from a restaurant. Ick. So, there you go.
    Also, I have requested Deviate from Netgalley, though I’m pretty sure I won’t get it because I’m so new.. I get declined more than approved. Lol.

  12. You poor dear! So sorry to hear you were unwell. I hope you get through your business trip with no trouble. ((Hugs)) to your son. It’s tough to have something you want be just out of reach. I hope it happens for him in 2020. And, YEAH! for YALC. I am sure the event will be amazing.

  13. I do hope you end up having a good time away!! If I was on the same bus I’d totally get you and we’d both be reading (ok or talking books)! Have a good trip and I hope it will work out fine for your son, be it sooner or later!

    1. Oh I wish you were with me Inge! Not so crazy as we live in the same country ;-) You’d talk my ears off about crime, thrillers and mysteries and I’d reply with YA and romance LOL