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“Sorry I’m late, it was a crazy day. This boutique accidentally doubled their order and we had to recall it. Then we ended up with a whole line of tops cut in this weird polka dot fabric. It was three pompom buttons short of a slutty clown costume. How was yours?”

Lex stepped out of high heels that made her long legs even longer, and I took the chance to look at her. Despite the heat, she was wearing some kind of red blazer over a top the same color. The skirt that hit partway down her thighs was professional, but the way my mind was fast-tracking toward dark things, it might as well have been non-existent.

Part of what I loved about the whole boss woman thing she had going on?

It made me want to mess her up.

I took the few steps to the kitchen and set the containers on the island. “Nate was a big help. I’ve got a couple of meetings lined up for tomorrow.”

“Meetings?” Her gaze found mine as she crossed to me, but there was a hint of distraction in it.

She’d changed since moving here. I’d thought that getting what she’d wanted for years, this company, would make her unwind a little. If anything, she was even more tightly strung now that they’d launched.

“Yeah,” I prodded. “Interviews.”

“Right.” She rolled her eyes and flashed the smile I loved more than anything.

The light coming in the kitchen window played over the freckles the summer always exposed. Even Manhattan couldn’t change that.

I didn’t want to talk about interviews. Chalk it up to some hot librarian fantasy, but I wanted to suck on Lex’s neck just below that bun while my fingers did gymnastics under that skirt until all she could think about was me. Until the only thing she could vocalize was “yes” and “more” and, my personal favorite, this breathy “ohmygodDylan” that always went straight to my dick.

“I brought something too.” Ignoring the way my body tightened, I forced myself to reach into the fridge. After meeting Nate, I’d tried to prepare for my interviews. I wasn’t nervous. I knew what I was doing, was in the top five percent of my class, and had co-op experience. In a way, this felt like a celebration.

Lex pulled the bottle out of the bag I handed her and read the label. “Pad thai and pinot. We’re so civilized.”

I reached for her hips. Her hands were clutched around the wine, and she couldn’t stop me from pulling her closer. Her gaze flicked over mine, her lips parting as she swallowed. “I guess we need glasses.”

I didn’t stop her as she put the wine down and turned to reach up to the shelf. When she set two glasses carefully on the counter, I pinned her against the cabinets with my hips.

“Wine is overrated.” My finger found the hem of her skirt, traced a line up the back of her thigh.

I’m a patient guy, but today, taking my time cost me. Especially when I heard her breath hitch.

I wanted to draw it out, make her beg. Almost as much as I wanted to feel her clench around me.

I buried my face in her hair, soaking in the smell of her that had my body aching. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, Dylan.” Lex’s voice trembled as my finger reached the curve of her ass. Over her shoulder I could see her profile, her closed eyes as she absorbed the feeling of my touch. My cock pressed impatiently against her.

Lex twisted in my arms, and her heart-shaped face peered up at mine, eyes heavy with need. “Jordan usually gets home around now, but we’re safe. She’s staying at her dad’s. She didn’t think she’d get any sleep here tonight.”

“You won’t get any sleep here tonight,” I promised, my hands gripping her thighs as I lifted her onto the counter.


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    1. I see we’re on the same page Talia 😉 I swear Dylan is even better in the first book so if you have time and are in the right mood LOL