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Topic: Book Quotes.

I chose to look at the books I have read since January and pick my favorites. Then I went to look for quotes and now it feels nearly like my “Top Ten ” of the first half of 2024.

“And then…I went to see Jane Toussaint at Carnegie Hall. I saw a woman onstage, a woman whose voice cracked me open, and I loved you on sight. I think…that was the night I stopped being Peter Pan.”

“An anti-hero was just a villain with good PR”

“I am Celene Castia. Sssword of the Faithful. Liathe of dread Wulfric.” ‘Dead eyes gleaming, Celene raised her blade toward the Untamed. ‘“And I am deliverance. For you and all our accursssed kind.”

“The women had a story to tell, even if the world wasn’t quite yet ready to hear it, and their story began with three simple words. We were there.”

“Thank you for kicking in the first place and thank you for kicking when I was flat up against someone who loves me. Thank you for letting someone else remember this moment, treasure it with a hand against my body.”

“Okay, let’s do a head count. If you’re disowned, disgraced, or both, raise your hand.” Tharion, Baxian, Lidia, Hunt, and Ruhn raised their hands.”

“My father always says: ‘You can’t run from your responsibilities,’ but he lacks imagination. Besides, I’m not running. I’m sidestepping. Crossing the road so me and my responsibilities don’t make eye contact and aren’t forced into awkward small talk both of us know isn’t going anywhere.”

“I would not let a coward like Zheng Sili stand beside the Moon Alchemist in my place. I would surpass my father’s skills and leave this palace as a royal alchemist, just as I’d told the prince all those months ago. I would stay here with my family.”

“You’re not a problem, Misery. You’re a privilege.”

“I am eighty-five years old. I am old and tired and alone. I have nothing I want to do and no one I want to see. I am not depressed, merely done with life. I don’t want to end up dribbling in an old people’s home, wearing adult nappies in front of a shouting television. I want to leave this world with dignity and respect.”

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