A surprise pregnancy leads to even more life-changing revelations in this heartfelt, slow-burn, friends-to-lovers romance of found family and unexpected love.

Eve Hatch is pretty content with her life. Her apartment in Brooklyn is cozy and close to her childhood best friend Willa, but far from her midwestern, traditional family who never really understood her. While her job is only dream- adjacent , she’s hoping her passion and hard work will soon help her land a more glamorous role. And sure, her most recent romantic history has consisted of not one but two disappointing men named Derek. At least she always knows what to expect…until she finds herself expecting after an uncharacteristic one-night stand.

The unplanned pregnancy cracks open all the relationships in her life. Eve’s loyal friendship with Willa is feeling off , right when she needs her most. And it’s Willa’s steadfast older brother, Shep, who steps up to help. He has always been friendly, but now he’s checking in, ordering her surprise lunches, listening to all her complaints, and is… suddenly kinda hot? Then there’s the baby’s father, who is supportive but conflicted. Before long, Eve is rethinking everything she thought she knew about herself and her world.

Over the course of nine months, as Eve struggles to figure out the next right step in her expanding reality, she begins to realize that family and love, in all forms, can sneak up on you when you least expect it.

Audiobook review

5 stars and stellar narration!

You know a book is good when you start recommending it to every reader group you are in and use a lot of exclamation points doing so!!!!!

Do I appear pushy? Totally!

But me think it goes hand in hand with being a blogger when you are in love with a book and wants everyone to read it!

OK now that it’s established that you JUST HAVE TO READ IT (or even better, LISTEN to it) or I’d be mortally wounded, what’s this book about and why did I love it so much?

Ready or Not is a heartfelt, very smart, very thoughtful and very funny woman fiction/romance about a young woman, Eve,  who became unexpectedly pregnant after a one-night stand. Unexpectedly because they used a condom but it is to be believed that her hot bartender Ethan has super sperm!

Eve was the unplanned child in a family of three and now that her parents are dead, she is living far from her brothers in Brooklyn, close to her best childhood friend Willa.

She has always dreamt of working in conservation and she is working in that field by association. With a gorgeous and cozy flat, she has everything she wants and when she finds that she is pregnant without a partner, her world is turned upside down!

Willa is not as supportive as she should be, at least not before a long time because she has tried to become pregnant for a long time to no avail. Call it pregnancy envy but it’s hard for her to be there for Eve like she ought to.

Every woman who has been pregnant knows that’s no picnic and raising a kid alone is even more frightening! So when Shep, Willa’s older brother and Eve’s friend show up at every corner, buying her a warm hat, massaging her feet and listening to Eve’s fears, she feels less alone.

What I loved in this book is that is  was so RELATABLE!

Everything rang true. There were tons of conflicted emotions and that was to be expected!

From Eve because she has to decide if she wants to keep the baby or not. If she would stay in her dream city or come back to her family to have more help. If she would have to change job to better support her kid or aim at her true dream job, even if it meant less money for some time. And why did floppy haired Shep, dear old friend Shep become so alluring all of a sudden?

And yes Willa had her struggles but shouldn’t she be more present for Eve, her oldest friend?

As you can see, deep dive into the pregnancy turmoil.


Instead of being angsty or overtly serious, that book was FUNNY!

That’s when I bow low to the author because she wrote about life changing events but in such heartfelt and fun way that you can’t help but laugh and swoon while totally relating to Eve!


Eve for being so strong even when in doubt, of course Shep that felt like a cross between a marshmallow and an oak tree. Willa whom you can’t help but feel for an understand and Ethan, the one-night stand who you can see is inherently a good guy, wanting to do what’s right but being torn for reasons I won’t give here as I don’t want to spoil your fun.

I could gush for hours about that book, about how adorable these heroes were but I will stop here and hope I wrote enough to convince you to read it.

It’s been a long time since a romance had me seen so invested as they began to feel “all the same to me”.Also the narrator, Alex Finke did an outstanding job and I am now looking for all the books she has narrated!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I agree with you. This book could have angsty, but it was fun and sweet and touching. Shep and the focus on friendship/found family made it great, and I like that Bastone allowed characters to redeem themselves.