Have you ever wished to one day wake up and discover all your dreams have come true?

It happened to me and no, it wasn’t the work of a fairy godmother.

My music is playing on the radio, my face is splattered on the cover of every magazine, and I can’t remember how I got there. The cherry on top is discovering the most devilish handsome man I’ve ever met is—wait for it—my husband.

Of all my denied memories, Oliver Best is the hot enigma that confuses me the most. I can’t fight the chemistry, the raw attraction between us. But the question lingers, can I fall in love with him again?

*This is the FINAL book in Saylor & Oliver’s trilogy.


4 once more surprised stars

Once again MH Soars had me on the treadmill!


Oops this can sound really dirty once that I read it back…
What I mean is I was reading Devils don’t Fly on the treadmill and nearly missed my Aquaboxing classes as I was so engrossed in the story that I forgot the time.

And yes now you also know that you’d better not be on my bad side as I’m kicking butts literally…

But I digress forgive me because Saylor and Oliver’s story deserves ALL your attention!

This is the final book in their story and I really wanted no NEEDED to know what would happen.

Well it gave us a kind of “second chance story” with Oliver wooing his girl and Saylor feeling…lost. But that’s not all as MH Soars of course had a white rabbit or several rabbits in her hat to show! Meaning: expect the unexpected.

<p>So Saylor does not remember a single thing from the last year.<br />In her shoes I would be frightened, lost, frustrated and angry as I'm a


Well Saylor took it like a champ. No freaking except once but she also had to regain control over her body through hours of grueling therapy sessions.

And Oliver?
Well Oliver was not spared at all. He had to walk on eggshells around the girl he loves. He will be rejected time and again and I so wanted to shake Saylor!!!

Now what Ollie will have to do is make her fall in love with him a second time. Should be easy for cocky Ollie right? Weeeeelll the girl drove a hard bargain.

So you swoon when Ollie court Saylor, you cry when he’s been rebuffed and you cheer when he makes a move. Yumm I looove his moves. It was a real pleasure witnessing his courtship and I ate it like ice cream.

That’s when the white rabbit (sorry girls no white knight in this review) pokes his big fluffy ears and the story takes a totally unexpected turn. WTH?????

I stop here as the twists and turns are part of the fun.

What I loved:
the wooing. It’s always elating to witness a guy work to get his girl;
the insecurities and inner questioning. Saylor and Ollie have tons of fear, doubts, questions and hopes…as they should! It makes for a realistic story;
-the glimpses into Oliver’s past as he remained quite mysterious;
the white rabbit = the twists and turns

What was missing to get 5 stars:
an epilogue after a few years but I bet we’ll hear again about them;
more cockiness. I get Ollie matured and it’s expected that he would be more grounded and grave. He did not lose all his cockiness but I missed the overtly cocky and teasing Ollie.
-the jokes and sass. Once more the book’s setting asked for a heavier tone and there was banter so that’s just me longing for the first book’s levity.

Recommend it? Hell yes especially if you have read the first books because you won’t want to miss this!!!

Thanks for reading!


Buy link -> http://amzn.to/2y7FlCC


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