Lucas Bradley enjoys many things.
The roar of the crowd.
Scoring a goal.
Being worshipped and adored by a growing legion of rabid, football obsessed fans.
But gaining a reputation as English football’s newest bad boy—not so much.

Morgan Carter is a fish out of water.
Having moved from America to the United Kingdom, she had hoped for a great adventure.
Instead she’s floundering in a job she doesn’t like and a country she doesn’t understand.
And she finds herself more than ready to leave the land of hot accents behind.

Until a drunken kiss at the local pub changes everything.

Passions ignite. Tempers flare. And what starts as a temporary distraction turns into something deeper.

Yet sleeping with a man on the cusp of full-blown fame comes with a price—one that Morgan isn’t sure she’s willing to pay. And Lucas, forced into the spotlight, finds his world turned upside down.

Love is a game.
But are Lucas and Morgan ready to play?
And can they learn the rules before they run out of time?


4 “cocky soccer player” stars

Give me sports romance with a very cocky English football player, pardon “soccer” player and a no nonsense independent American woman every day! Sans cliffy please as there is a second book to come!!!!


Lucas Bradley was so cocky and hot I spent my time looking after handsome soccer players just for your eyes only!
Here are my two favorite (David Beckham aside of course)


This is Aaron Ramsey if you want to fangirl 😀


 And this is the handsome Olivier Giroud (he seems very cocky too from what I found on the web).


But I digress…


This book was the perfect book to read for the mood I was in.

-sexy and bossy football player? -> check.

-independent and string willed woman? -> check.

-hot and sweet romance not overtly angsty? -> check.

-catty WAG (Wife and Girlfriend)plotting in the dark to evict the “good girl”? -> check.

-stand alone? -> Herrrrm NO! Cliffhanger! Damn…


Luca Bradley is Chester’s golden boy. He meets all the stereotypes about young, handsome up and coming football player. Womanizer + hot tempered + heavy drinker/party goer.

But he is so talented on the field that everyone forgives Lucas. The public even loves reading gossips about him (I know the English tabloids can be ferocious), goal diggers hunt him. Sorry to digress again but I knew of gold digger but not goal diggers. If you were wondering they are to football what puck bunnies are to hockey.


On the other hand you have Morgan Carter the epitome of the good girl. She rarely parties, loves and support her mom, does not do one night stands and don’t care about football, fame and fortune at all!

When both meet while drunk in a pub bathroom their encounter is surprisingly …. Explosive!

Lucas will soon chase Morgan excited (pun intended) by her resistence. Morgan is mortified with her first easy behavior and gives him the cold shoulder as she does not intend to be one more notch on his bed post.
But Lucas is persistent. And charming. And handsome. And…

No more about the plot you have to discover it by yourself.


What I really, really loved was:

-all the differences in vernacular between American English and English English. Meredith Walters has been “imported” from Virginia to England and it has a “real life” feel. How paper toilet has another name, how pissed means furious in US English but means drunk in England, etc. It was really funny and endearing.


Morgan! She is a strong and independent woman. The kind of heroine that I love. She gives Lucas a run for his money. I wanted to high-five her so often!


-Lucas was a sod!

Meaning in slang that he was : noun: sod; plural noun: sods 1. an unpleasant or obnoxious person.

Well obviously he was not unpleasant but he could be obnoxious and had a huuuuge ego. I was happy when Megan took him down a peg. In fact A. Meredith Walters perfectly featured what can happen when young talented people coming from relatively poor suburbs are spotted to play football. They are suddenly offered juicy contracts, live and party! Now Lucas also knew the value of money and invested in houses so there’s that.

I read this book in one sitting enjoying a somewhat predictable but well executed love story. The chemistry was off the charts, the villain (Marla) was your stereotypical jealous b@tch and Morgan + Lucas made sense. It worked like a well-oiled machine.


If you’re looking for sports romance with endearing if stereotypical characters and are not afraid by cliffy you’ll have a great time!

Now WHEN IS FALL COMING????? I want need the second one!

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