5 “vengeful” stars



I loved it, except when the dog was killed 🙁

The pace is steady, not too fast, not too slow. The writing is really good and let us feel all the character’s emotions (fear, pain, madness, rage, coldness, sadness …). I love when I can live in the character’s skin. I just have to take a seat, bake popcorn and enjoy my ride.


Ooooooh, I love good revenge stories! It’s cathartic. I’m probably living vicariously through fictional characters for all the wrongs done to me I could not right because I’m “well bred” and raised right by my mom (You stole my pacifier and I could not hit you because I would have been the mean child? Well, take that!).


Nick is a anti hero, killing every thug with impressive maestria would I dare say. He is dark when he seeks revenge, is overcome by madness nearly hurting prostitutes but he also has a light inside. He rescues young girls from pedophiles, take care of Lauren and love Blue, his loyal dog.
He is broken, should be dead with a bullet shot in the skull but he survived, overcame his depression, stopped the drugs and is now on the war path to exact revenge.

Aubree was a fantastic heroine. Not a ninny, she’s not waiting for a knight in shining armor to save her for a long time. Abused and tortured for years she bid her time to escape her crazy husband and disappear. What she did not plan was being kidnapped. Fiery, determined, smart she also is compassionate, that was her downfall to begin with. Her captor will light a fire inside her body. She wants all of him, not only the good but also the bad. She craves Nick’s darkness.

The concept of Achilleus X, of two men working in tandem to eradicate Mayor Culling and all his evil crew was brilliant. Alec is the head, cold, smart he cam with the grand scheme, the vision. Nick is…unpredictable, he is the armed arm, the killing machine, determined to die and honor his family’s death.
I loved how the plot was slowly revealed, how everything was not as it seemed, how Aubree gave Nick a reason to live. The sex was hot and was not all this book was about (I hate when sex is the main topic and the plot is inconsistent, except if it’s a pure erotic read).

I did not know Keri Lake before but she’s now on my “authors to follow” list.

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