The epic conclusion to the intensely romantic and beautifully written story that started in Divine Rivals.

Two weeks have passed since Iris Winnow returned home bruised and heartbroken from the front, but the war is far from over. Roman is missing, and the city of Oath continues to dwell in a state of disbelief and ignorance. When Iris and Attie are given another chance to report on Dacre’s movements, they both take the opportunity and head westward once more despite the danger, knowing it’s only a matter of time before the conflict reaches a city that’s unprepared and fracturing beneath the chancellor’s reign.

Since waking below in Dacre’s realm, Roman cannot remember his past. But given the reassurance that his memories will return in time, Roman begins to write articles for Dacre, uncertain of his place in the greater scheme of the war. When a strange letter arrives by wardrobe door, Roman is first suspicious, then intrigued. As he strikes up a correspondence with his mysterious pen pal, Roman will soon have to make a decision: to stand with Dacre or betray the god who healed him. And as the days grow darker, inevitably drawing Roman and Iris closer together…the two of them will risk their very hearts and futures to change the tides of the war.


4,5 stars for a very worthy sequel.

The overall tone of this sequel is tense with a sense of urgency and desperation mixed with a swoon worthy romance. And it’s just perfect for the story as war is upon Iris and Roman, our rivals turned lovers.

The story opens just where Divine Rivals ended.

Iris is back in Oath thanks to her brother, not knowing if Roman survived the bombing. She is shrouded in sadness and is experiencing PTSD like every soldier back from war.

Roman is waking up, healed by Dacre but his memory has been whipped. Who was he? What was his name? How did he come to be with Dacre and his soldiers?

This was a stressful opening for me as I wondered how long Roman would suffer from amnesia!

But what I really loved was to get back the old letters exchange! Even without remembering Iris, thanks to the Alouette typewriters, Iris and Roman will soon correspond again.

It was like fated mates. They were just destined to fall in love reading each other words. Talk about swoon worthy!

I don’t want to spoil anything for you so I’ll just tell you what you’ll find in this book:

-action and suspense.

Iris and Roman have to find a way to defeat Dacre and they’ll go to very perilous moves in the process;

new beloved side characters.

Tobbias is a pilot taking part in car races and doubles up as a driver for Iris and Attie when they go report about the war again. He’ll soon become a friend and the reason they escape great perils;


Not just from Roman trying to beat Dacre at his game but from other characters too.


This is war and people die. I will just say that Rebecca Ross made me cry and I’ll leave it at that.


As Attie said, it’s when things become desperate and you are offered a choice that who you are at your core is revealed.

ROMANCE (in capital letters).

I know we are not supposed to quote from advanced reading copies (#sorrynotsorry) so maybe the following quote has been altered in the final copy but when Roman says:

I know we are no longer rivals, but if we are keeping tally like the old days, you have far outshined* me with your wit and your courage. Which reminds me of one simple thing: how I love to lose to you. How I love to read your words and hear the thoughts that sharpen your mind. And how I would love to be on my knees before you now, surrendering to you and you alone.”

Well I am swooning and melting. Iris and Roman’s love story is one that readers will remember for a long time!

To sum it up, I think this is a perfect sequel and a brilliant duology mixing war and romance, fantasy and mythology, threat and hope served by an excellent cast of main and side characters.

Thank you so much Harper Collins for allowing me to read that advanced reading copy!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Well, if it’s ROMANCE in capital letters, that’s something that would catch my attention. I can feel your excitement about this book, and I am so happy the follow up gave you a good ending.

  2. I really want to read this series! I might on New Years Day even. I really love the sound of these books and I hear the romance is super well done so you know I love that.

    Great review! It really makes me so happy that this one was such a hit for you.