When wilderness guide, Harper Ward, is summoned to the small town sheriff’s office in Helena Springs, Montana, to provide assistance on a case, she is shocked to find that their only suspect in the double murder investigation is a man described as a savage.But the longer she watches the man known only as Lucas, on the station surveillance camera, the more intrigued she becomes. He certainly looks primitive with his unkempt appearance and animal skin attire, but she also sees intelligence in his eyes, sensitivity in his expression. Who is he? And how is it possible that he’s lived alone in the forest since he was a small child?

As secrets begin to emerge, Harper is thrust into something bigger and more diabolical than she ever could have imagined. And standing right at the center of it all, is Lucas. But is he truly the wild man he appears to be? A cold blooded killer? An innocent victim? Or a perplexing mix of all three?

Harper must find out the answers to these questions because the more time she spends with him, the more she risks losing her heart



4.5 stars
Savaged is unlike any other Mia Sheridan’s that I have read so far!

It is rather a crime/mystery mixed with romance.

The opening scene begins in the night somewhere above a cliff where four little boys will be abruptly thrown into empty air with a question: Will you die today?
These four kids were obviously kidnapped and we’ll learn later that they were part of a sick scheme.

Throughout the story we will follow one of them Jack forced to do unspeakable things to survive, totally alone for years in the Montana’s wilderness.

Why was he thrown into this life? Who is he? Why him? To whatever ends?
Round and round these questions circled my mind while my heart broke so many times for that abandoned little boy.

Go back to present time on a crime scene.
The small town of Helena Springs has seen two murders by arrow in a few days and the person of interest is Lucas. A man looking like a caveman who happened to be close to the last crime scene.
Mark Gallagher freshly arrived from California is tasked with elucidating the crime. He’ll enroll Harper a local nature guide.

When Harper meets Lucas their connection is immediate. She just has to know that savage man who seems connected to her parents death years ago.

All these plot lines entertwine going from past to present and back again to form an intriguing story with the horror of what happened to these kids as a constant background.

This is a story of survival and resilience.
This is a story of madness and evil.
This is a story of new beginnings and hope.
This is a story of love and meeting your soul mate. That perfect someone who will love you whole animal and man alike.

Lucas has some perfume of Archer. He is a grown and powerful man, very smart but with the heart and soul of a child. He is innocent, boyish in a body oozing testosterones and pheromones. No wonder Harper could not resist him!

Harper also is a survivor. She is sweet, caring independent and…hurt as no one has wanted her when her parents died. Poor little girl forced to grow up between foster homes. Some awful and others less.

Both characters were deeply loveable and I loved trying to guess the mystery. I confess I did not find everything.

Recommend it? Yes!


Have you read other Mia Sheridan’s books?


Thanks for reading.



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  1. This sounds really good. I love the story and the different timelines. I will have to check this one out!


  2. Mia Sheridan never fails to break my heart, but she always heals it by the end of the story. I can’t wait to dive into this one. It definitely gives me Archer feels and that is my absolute favorite by her.

  3. This book is really piquing my interest! I like how much Lucas kind of resembles Archer and the overall mystery vibe. I’ll definitely add it to the TBR.
    How is everything else going? Is your husband better? I read the other article you wrote about your crazy week and hope now things have calmed down a bit.

    1. Hi Talia yes my husband is slowly getting better! I asked for more homeworking days so it helps! I hope you are enjoying your holiday!