It’s October already! Month of spooky creatures and big things coming your way.

Where did the time fly by? Between the kids back to school, the sports activities to organize again, my daughter theater’s classes, my work etc. I haven’t seen October coming.

So it’s time for a monthly wrap-up as I missed August’s and this time I will end it with my recommendations of the month.


What I’ve done for fun:


Not as many meme and tags etc. that I had planned as another big challenge took most of my time.

I did participate in the Calendar Girls event and loved it once more! This event is hosted by Melanie and Flavia and September theme was best contemporary novels.

My contestants were:


And my winner was:



I also participated in the Top 5 Tuesdays imagined by Shanah @bionicbookworm

With the themes as: Modern Classics  , Top 5 dream places to readTop 5 characters I would team up with to rule the world.


I also had a read along hosted and led by Flavia @flaviathebibliophile about A Darker Shade of Magic. Review coming soon. It was the proverbial kick in my behind that I so needed to finally read this book everyone raved about. A huge thank you Flavia for all that you’ve done.


I did one tag the What Makes You Happy Tag as I’ve been tagged by Sarah @thecleverreader. I wanted to do other tags too but…


What I did EVERY DAY of September was The Book Boyfriends Challenge. It’s been fun but a lots of work and has been launched by Bex at Night Owl Romance Read and the ladies at Collector of Book Boyfriends.


Now I also did some interviews and very interesting ones at that.

You can find JL Myers (I love that author) interview HERE, and Aleatha Romig’s interview (with her husband Mr Jeff) HERE.


I’ve also done a beta-read for an author’s friend and will publish the review of Demon Dreams as soon as the book is published!



Now let’s get to my reads this month.


Aside from A Darker Shade of Magic I’ve read:


One Night by Aleatha Romig

Malcolm was really the perfect boyfriend. Never bossy, never controlling. Gently urging her sometimes as he wanted more with her. He acted with Mandy like you would with a skittish doe: patiently. He knew and understood her need to protect her son. He even admired Mandy for this. One Night is a very sweet story about real characters who battle in the day to day life. If you love single mom sweet stories give this book a chance. It was 3,5 to 4 stars for me.


Blood Guard by Megan Erickson (Adult PNR)

If you are looking for a story easy to read filled with handsome vampires, sustained by strong characters with a prophecy to fulfill as background this book would be a great choice! Megan Erickson portrayed a fantastic heroine. She was real, strong, smart, opinionated, caring and had no shame in her sexuality. I also loved her come back: When someone tells her cat weighs enough for three cats she tells to quit fat-shaming him because he is just “big-boned”. It was a solid 4 stars


Soul Siphon by T.L. Branson (Fantasy)

Soul Siphon is a very short story meant to give a feel of TL Branson upcoming trilogy Soul Render. I was given the opportunity to review by the author himself. So far it’s 4 to 4.5 for the action, the penmanship. But I give 3 stars for characters development simply because I need and expect more.


The Billionaires: The Bosses by Callista Fox (Erotic)

I’m not usually reading erotic even less ménage but when the opportunity arises.. it’s good to go out of my reader’s comfort zone once in a while.What you should know before reading this book:you’ll never watch Master Chef with the same eyes. You’ll always wonder if the only sizzling is happening in the hot pan or below the counter as well. 3,5 to 4 hot stars


Wild for You by Daisy Prescott (Adult contemporary)

This is my first Daisy Prescott read and I had a really great time reading it. This is one of these reads that is easy to read filled with loveable characters and “feel real” story. It’s been a sweet romance happening in gorgeous Colorado filled with very endearing characters and handsome cowboys. I really loved that book. 4 “Yee haw!” stars 😉 My favorite quote:

“Before rodeos, I never thought a man lasting eight seconds could ever be a good thing.”


When We Collided by Emeri Lord (YA contemporary)

3 “personal taste” stars , 5 “featuring psychological problems” stars

My main problem was with Viv’s personality. I won’t spoil your fun but let’s say that I had a hard time connecting with her. Jonah on the other hand was just the perfect hero and you will root for him. I also did not believe in the love story. I think Emery Lord did an excellent job in: -creating moving and colorful side characters, depicting mental problems and all that it entails for people suffering from said problems but also for their friends and family,creating a tight knit and moving family and showing love or friendship does not only show when it’s good but also when it’s bad, featuring heavy topics such as grief.


And September’s winner is…


Black Bird of the Galows by Meg Kassel (YA Fantasy/PNR)

One of the best books of 2017 and without contest the best of the month!

Like a huge wave Black Bird of the Gallows engulfed me in its magic world and did not release me before the last sentence was over. It left me ashore a little stunned and with starry eyes. Meg Kassel achieved the high feat of making me rediscover a genre that I’ve read often. No blazé reader here!

-The concept was original with Harbingers and Beekeepers.

-The pace was just right not too rushed not too slow.

-The characters were endeering and relatable.

-The romance was swoony.

-Everything worked perfectly.

5+ stars and I can’t recommenf it enough!


Now all I have to do is enjoy October! And you what books were your favorite?













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