Things Emelia Anderson would rather do than share a house with Benjamin Crawford:

1) Get strapped to a chair in a restaurant full of loud-chewers.

2) Parachute into the Australian Outback armed with only a blowdart.

3) Live her best life as an ice road trucker in the Alaskan Tundra.

Benjamin Crawford thinks Emelia conned his dying grandmother into leaving her half of an estate worth millions, so let’s just say he’s not her biggest fan either. Not even close.

Now they have to live together for the next thirty days while renovating the family home. Or the estate will transfer to the one person Ben hates more than Emelia, and she’ll have to move back to the one place she wants to forget more than Ben.

Did I mention Ben look likes man-candy and smells like testosterone? Not that Emelia notices. She spends a lot of time not noticing things about Ben.


4 solid stars

This is a perfect romantic comedy!

You have loads of comedy with Emmy having laugh out loud internal dialogs and amazing bickering banter with Ben!

She is a weirdo but an amazing weirdo with truckloads of warmth, love and . ..stubbornness!

When she is verbally sparing with Ben you can see both shooting daggers at each other, ready to do idiotic things just to not back down in front of the other!
But they also throw off tons of pheromones and you just know that “It” will happen and “it” will be explosive!

You have romance with the forced proximity trope and the enemies to lover trope

Cherry on top, the side characters cast is amazing, adding a found family vibe to the mix
Between tyranny from old ladies to friendship from dress maker to devillish childhood friends for Ben ( with a hot tattooed and sensitive artist (Nick), a handsome and sweet chef (Winston) and lumberjack twin of Jason Momoa ( Jesse)). You will have lots of male goodness to feast on!

And of course the tormented hero. Suffering from childhood trauma, believing that Emmy is a gold digger, ready to hate her but ….
Ben is the perfect broody and sexy hero!

I had an amazing time reading that one and recommend it to all romcom fans!

I can’t wait to read the next book!

Thanks for reading!


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