Hi dear friends!

Time to have a chat with you about what happened in my life and on the blog this month linking back to The Sunday Post @caffeinatedreviewer!

First of all, a HUGE APOLOGY to you all because I am so behind on replying to your comments!!!! See the explanation below!

In my private life first

I told you last Sunsay that I had a hellish visit to IKEA to buy a new bed for my daughter, desk for my hubby and bookshelves for me right?

Well as my daughter ranted about how she wanted new paints in her bedroom but my husband had said “not before we refresh the living/dinig room and kitchen” she also complained that “Dad always say he’ll do it but it never comes!”.

I took pity on her and as I am on holiday decided to boss my husband into painting our ground floor as in kitchen, living room and dining room!

Only …he is hurt and can’t paint or scrape paint and sand the repared walls! So it’s my son and I slaving all day while he plays coach!

My husband is also a perfectionist and he’s had us repare every littel imperfection then sand huge parts of walls.

On Thursday I sanded manually for four hours straight! My elbows hurt, my arms hurt my back hurt …everything! I also had a headache because all that dust filled my nostrils and inflamed my sinuses.

I was dead beat and went to bed at 8:30 PM!!!

That’s why I had zero energy and time to comment back and I am so sorry!!!!

I am writing this on Saturday evening late and scheduling for tomorrow as we’ll apply our first layer of primer on the ceiling. It will be very hot and we’ll have to work fast for the paint!

I hope everything will be ready by Tuesday when my new bookshelf arrives!


Second thing that took some planning: preparing for YALC London!

I will take a hiatus for one week (Wednesday to the next) from the blog as I’ll be traveling with my daughter, meeting authors and visiting London!

On the blog this week

I reviewed two books.

One was highly anticipated but left me wanting Dev1at3 by Jay Kristoff and another one was an excellent historical audiobook The Alice network by Kate Quinn.

I read The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Stevens and hope to publish the review next week (between painting walls LOL) and Spin the Dawn (fingers crossed that I’ll be able to review and post before YALC).


The Top 5 Tuesday was once again about the alphabet challenge

And my discussion post was about reading and age range! Are you too old to read and blog about YA?

In the blogosphere

Some interesting posts here!

Kal about Feedly


Lindsey about audiobooks



Riveted by Simon Teen invites you to pick a Netflix original and get a book rec!

That’s it! Think of me painting the walls LOL

Now do tell me how was your week! I will try to comment back when I can!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I am behind, behind, behind too Sophie! This includes a bazillion reviews and blogging – it’s so frustrating. I though things would slow down after my daughter graduated but now I’m trying to soak up the summer with her as much as possible before she leaves. I’m reading a lot (trying to escape I guess) but have lost my words being all jumbly in the head. I’m going to be one sad mama!

  2. Sanding is the worst, ugh I’m so sorry! Here’s hoping that’s the last sanding you’ll have to do for a very long time! And I’m so excited for you, have the most amazing time in London and I can’t wait to hear all about it yay!!!

  3. You’ll be happy in the end that you and son made the effort, and I’m sure daughter appreciates it too. ANd you have a week off in London as your reward for all that manual labour. Enjoy the trip, have fun, and tell us all about it!

  4. Sounds like it’s been an exhausting week but I bet that all the painting looks amazing!

    I hope you have the best time in London and enjoy YALC! I’m super excited to go again this year

    1. You will be there Rose??? We should totally meet and say hi! I will probably wear the t shirt of my blog one of the three days, maybe on Saturday so if you see me come say hi!

      1. I’ll be there on Saturday! I’ll be the one melting in the corner with wayyyyy too many books haha. Hopefully we’ll run into each other, it’ll be so nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy your weekend there

  5. Your trip sounds like well earned fun after all of the hard work. I loathe painting as there are always things that have to be done to prepare for it. I have the popcorn ceiling in my living room and I keep putting off removing it as it makes such a mess.

  6. Sounds like you have been super busy, but I bet it turned out great, right? Have a wonderful and safe trip. I am sure the event will be incredible.

  7. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. Things like sanding and painting are reasons why I’m grateful to be a renter. I do not like doing any kind of DIY stuff. I need to be able to call up the apartment managers and let them deal with it. LOL

    I hope your painting goes smoothly and easily and that your rooms are soon looking happy and beautiful and the little girl finally gets HER lovely room the way she wants it. What a great Mom you are to do all this so that she can finally have her room decorated!

    1. Jinjer I totally understand! I wish I could do the same but unfortunately the landlord is me LOL