Hi friends,

We are so used to mass consumption on Amazon that we don’t often know that there are small shops that offer unique and outstanding products. These online boutiques have hidden treasures and their owners are so friendly and talented!

As I am very active on Instagram and represent several amazing small shops I wanted to give them a push on the blog too and thought I would create this post that I will edit to include all these business (click on the graphic to go to their site). I also added their Instagram handle.

I have added my discount codes and if you fancy ordering something you can use them and get a discount.


Get some amazing bookmarks from Jen, owner of @bookbookowl . She also has an incredible Instagram feed!

In July, Jen has an amazing sale because of her birthday so use birthdaybonanza to get 20% off!

When I am editing this page, I don’t know if I’ll still be chosen as a rep for another term but don’t hesitate to order from her!



If you love candles with lots of colors, glitter and incredible scents then go order at @flickerwix !

Katie is super talented, very friendly too! Her candles are usually available on restock days (every two weeks on Sunday) but her artprint can be ordered every day! My code is BEWARE10 and can be used on everything except the canvas collection.



I also became a rep for a well known book box, and it’s been a huge honor to be selected! Many of you already know Owlcrate as it’s bringing amazing YA books and unique bookish goodies to many booknerds for a loooong time now!

You can get a 10% discount on Owlcrate AND Owlcrate Junior using my code BEWARE15.



Past rep shops

For some months I became a rep for an amazing Canadian company, more of a one woman shop, with incredible bookish design! Sunny at Rocky Mountain Printing Co has an excellent brand of bookish clothes, totes, mugs, and prints for book lovers! 


You can get a discount using my code BEWARE10 https://rockymtnprintingco.com/