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I love that meme as it takes little time to do (I’m always running like the real busy bee I am) AND I get to promote a book I really loved. This is the perfect idea for me!

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This Sunday I want to share a book that made me laugh so hard I was crying and heaving and… It’s a real RomCom and I dare you not to end with belly ache due to an overload of laugh.

I’m featuring The Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn


Smile 😀


4 laughing out loud stars


Have you ever had a bad day, a really, really bad day?

It would begin with you spilling your coffee on your white shirt followed by the loss of your brand new and pricey smartphone in the underground. You would need some hours to understand your colleagues or students were staring and laughing at you because you stuck the hem of your skirt in your panties. Back home after this horrid day, you’re ready to binge on your favorite TV series and drool looking at the abs and pecs of your preferred hot male hero when you see him dying under your horrified and desperate eyes!

Do you get what I mean now? Because I had the worst of bad days and was about to drown my sorrow in a few gallons of ice cream (one second in the mouth, years on the hips) when I suddenly was shaking, crying and making really weird noises. My husband came like the hero he is to save the Queen of his Heart when he stopped short in his track. I was laughing hysterically, shaking and nearly peed my pants while reading The Virgin Romance Novelist.

If I had a bad day, Rosie had a string of bad dates. It’s incredible the bad luck that girl could have trying to lose her virginity! Imagine Ben Stiller in” There’s Something About Mary” and you get the vibe of this book.

mary hair gel photo hair gel mary_zpsgkpnlle3.jpg

Rosie is living with her two best friends and has quite a crappy job, writing about cats secrets and cat poop and… She wants to write romance novels but there is this slight problem of her still being a virgin. She’s been raised sheltered by her parents and can’t even utter the “P” word to speak about the male appendage. Try using Briar Patch or Pleasure Garden and see if the readers will give you any credit as a romance novelist.
Pushed by her friends, she’ll launch herself on the date quest in the hope of finding the coital bliss and gather live experience to write her story. If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, Rosie’s road to “post-virginity” land is paved with puke on sword, panty puffing clouds of baby powder, torn jeans airing her crotch, pervert dog licking private parts while ogling make out sessions and learning blow jobs on a banana among other things.

”After just grabbing my banana and flicking my tongue across it, I can see the aPEEL. God, I’m so funny. After my blowjob crash course, I feel like I can tackle the world, one penis at a time…hopefully.”

Suffice to say this book is like a collection of all dates turned bad. Prepare to break into hoots of laughter, cringe sometimes and cheer for Rosie and her “sex-periments”.

I was ready to wallow in sadness until a dear friend saved my disastrous day and gave me this incredible romantic hilarious comedy because she’s such a sweetheart and could not leave me in my misery. I wish you the same and if you have a bad day or if you just want to have a good laugh, just buy this book and dive in Rosie’s crazy adventures.

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